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New Zealand is known to be the land of long white cloud, it's really one of the most Scenic and Photogenic across the world. This is a very small country and that covers approx 4 million of people on its small island. It comprises of 2 New Zealand is made up of two main land masses North Island and South Island and various other small islands such as Stewart Island situated at southwestern Pacific Ocean. The 2 major island is further divided by a water which is stretched upto 22km approx and it's names as the Cook Strait.

Talking Geographically, New Zealand is situated around 1,600 km east of Australia and about 1,200km from the Pacific Islands. As this is country is surrounded by water this was the last choice for one to find and settle down. New Zealand is very popular for its natural playground for thrill finders, adventure lovers and also for those who just loves watching Lush Green Environment or landscapes.

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