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If you are looking for good luxury beachfront homes for sale in Costa Rica, you are surely looking at the right luxury real estate portal. Find some of the best Costa Rica luxury real estate listings by some of the most professional luxury developers and luxury property agents in Costa Rica. This section of Luxury Abode is dedicated to luxury properties in Costa Rica and you can browse through some of the choicest luxury homes in Costa Rica for rent as well luxury homes for sale in Costa Rica.

A luxury house in Costa Rica is surely a trophy asset that some of the most affluent people across the globe covet to have. The luxury property market in Costa Rica is a well-defined one with professional real estate service on offer across Costa Rica. Right from finding some of the most mesmerizing luxury beach houses for sale in Costa Rica to prestigious villas and exclusive apartments in Costa Rica to mind boggling luxury glass houses in Costa Rica for sale, you will surely get the best of Costa Rica luxury realty on

Since the luxury real estate market in Costa Rica has been growing decently, you can also find some very good new luxury property construction in Costa Rica most of the time.

There is no doubt that Costa Rica is regarded as one of the best countries in Latin America for its beauty, high standard of living, good security, amazing climate and of course great luxury. With its natural landscape dotted with enthralling beaches, captivating mountains balanced perfectly by the superb environment, Costa Rica luxury real estate has managed to become a big draw for luxury property investors and luxury home buyers from across the globe.

Some of the most prestigious homes in North America happen to be in Costa Rica with many Hollywood celebrities, affluent businessmen from across America, Europe, Asia and Africa owning all kinds of luxury homes in Costa Rica.

The luxury vacation rental market in Costa Rica is also a huge one with a lot of luxury tourists arriving here all round the year. Luxury property investment in Costa Rica has been attracting big money making the Costa Rica luxury property market stronger with each passing year.

Costa Rica has multiple provinces that offer good luxury homes like Provincia de Alajuela, Provincia de Cartago, Provincia de Guanacaste, Provincia de Heredia, Provincia de Limon, Provincia de Puntarenas, and Provincia de San Jose. Within these provinces, you can find multiple types of luxury real estate in places like Alajuela, Atenas, Garabito, Grecia, Guacima, La Garita, Naranjo, Orotina and San Jose.

A very famous location for luxury houses in Costa Rica has to be the central valley. The beautiful cities of Escazu and Santa Ana have some of the most charming luxury apartments for sale as well as rent.

With great infrastructure, well maintained public facilities, robust transport, education options, restaurants, quality health care services, these prime cities in Costa Rica have grown strongly as luxury destinations prompting a lot of luxury constructions of late.

Affluent and attractive luxury properties in places like Alaijuela, Ciudad Colon have also got great demand. Some of the precious real estate in Costa Rica also happens to be developed in Pinares, Curridabat, Atenas and Colinas de Heredia.

Of course the location of San Jose especially the western part takes luxury to a whole new level as it has multiple luxury hotels, luxury commercial real estate, prime offices, luxury retail spaces, sprawling luxury residential complexes and fascinating homes.

Heredia which lies in close proximity to the Juan Santamaria International Airport also offers some of the most bewitching real estate options in Costa Rica. Not very far from the capital city of San Jose is Cartago which boasts of some very well designed rich luxury villas in Costa Rica. With options of investing in prime plots of land in Cartago or buying a hypnotizing villa with a transfixing mountain view, you will surely be spoilt for choice.

One of the other attractive factors about Costa Rican luxury real estate that you can have best of old world charm luxury homes as well as contemporary luxury homes. Many luxury property investors in Costa Rica have found it irrestible to resist investing in Provincia de Guanacaste or Provincia de Puntarenas as these locations on the Pacific coast have some very authentic luxury property options to choose from.

Provincia de Limón in the Caribbean Sea is another favourite luxury real estate investment location in Costa Rica with impressive condos and beach view homes. Glamorous homes and condos in Jaco in locations like Tamarindo, Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Los Sueńos and Domincal have been a very strong luxury property hub for many years now.

Luxury real estate in San Jose is one of the most preferred for many international businessmen as it is the capital city of Costa Rica. The connectivity, glamour and the prestige that San Jose offers for luxury homes buyers in costa Rica is of a different level altogether. The luxury homes prices in san Jose are among the highest in Latin America but have also given some returns on investment for luxury real estate investors.

Since the demand of real estate in San Jose has been increasing tremendously the government has eased the height norms, constructing permissions and other factors. This has led to a very vibrant growth in luxury apartments in San Jose as well as other types of luxury real estate here.

High end global standard luxury properties in Rohrmoser and Pavas are surely a sight to behold. At the same time the lush green environs of the Parque Metropolitano La Sabana manages ot offer dazzling real estate and magnetizing homes.

Extraordinary and extravagant luxury properties in Mata Redonda and La Sabana happen to be among the costliest luxury homes in Costa Rica and only the super-rich tend to buy here.

San Jose happens to be a part of the Gran Área Metropolitana of Costa Rica (GAM) with a vibrant economy and a vast affluent population. Therefore even locations in its proximity like San Pedro and Curridabat have some of the most beautiful luxury properties in Costa Rica that money can buy. A sizeable chunk of the Costa Rica luxury real estate market is based in San Antonio, Escazú and Santa Ana with charming homes boasting of some of the best amenities, designs, humongous sizes and spellbinding views.

The reason Costa Rica luxury real estate has been thriving is that not only it is absolutely beautiful but also that it makes a of business sense and investments in luxury properties in Costa Rica have given good profits to investors over the past many years and looking to continue for many more years to come.

It is therefore no wonder that there are lot of luxury real estate developers in Costa Rica and a lot of professional luxury real estate agents in Costa Rica too. A few of the well-known luxury real estate brokers in Costa Rica include J&J REAL ESTATE CR, Elena Araya, Palms Realty Costa Rica, Flamingo Beach Realty, Alejandra Ibarra, Roberto Segura, Costa Rica Luxury Estates, Wijbrand Tuinstra, LX Costa Rica, etc.

These luxury real estate agents offer professional Costa Rica real estate service and have multiple Costa Rica real estate listings anytime of the year. These include Costa Rica penthouses for sale, luxury beachfront homes for sale in Costa Rica, hacienda for sale in Costa Rica, luxury apartments for sale or rent and more options.

Online luxury real estate in Costa Rica is a highly developed one with many luxury homes listed online. Online Luxury real estate marketing in Costa Rica is very popular and so is luxury real estate marketing through social media.

Costa Rica luxury real estate

If you are tired of working and want to live amidst nature, then Costa Rica is the right place for you. Located in the Central America, The Republic of Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua to the north, the Caribbean Sea to the northeast, it is a country bountiful of nature. You have got the opportunity so why not use this? ‘Carpe diem' which means seize the opportunity or make most of this chance provided you have enough to purchase a luxury estate here. 

You have got opportunity to go to the Caribbean, a region of abundance of natural beauty, wonderful people and a great variety of tourist activities too. San Jose is the capital of the country.

Costa Rica has got the highest powers, sovereign authority and it is a unitary presidential constitutional republic. It's known for its long standing and stable democracy and for its highly educated people and most of them speak English. The country spends a lot of its money 6.9% of its budget on education, compared to the global average of 4.4%.  Its economy which was once largely dependent on agriculture, has diversified to include sectors such as finance, corporate services for foreign companies, pharmaceuticals and ecotourism.

The phrase "pura vida" can be applied in regards to Costa Rica. It is translated directly from Spanish, it means "pure life", but there's a lot more contained in these two little words than that. Every Costa Rican will have a different perspective of looking at it, but essentially "pura vida" represents a philosophy of enjoying life to its fullest. So you can think of purchasing Costa Rica luxury real estate. 

Costa Rica mainly comprises of cloudforests, rainforests, coastline and mangroves. Hence, you will find a variety of vegetables and fruits available abundantly in this land.

Markets are filled with fresh fruits and veggies waiting to be used in a traditional Tico recipe.

Costa Rica Luxury real estate has plenty of comforts and luxury in terms of natural beauty. As it has lavishing beaches, mountains and likeable climate, it's not a surprise that the luxury real estate market has grown to such an extent that it has much to offer in terms of variety and prestige. Because of its growing strength of luxury real estate market, Costa Rica is an ideal place to invest. The central valley has perhaps the most to offer in luxury homes, in Escazu and Santa Ana, two well known cities.

Escazu is an old city that dates back to colonial times and is a favourite destination for well to do American travellers and expatriates.  Around San Jose, it is one of the most modern areas. You can easily discover and visit the beautiful sights in this old but modern city. If you are staying in San Rafael de Escazu, the busiest and most, modern neighbourhood of this suburb, visit Escazu centro and San Antonio de Escazu, the other two neighborhoods that make up the town.

Santa Ana, a suburb of the capital city San Jose, is situated in the foothills between Puriscal and Escarzu. This unusual little town is a balance of traditional Costa Rican culture and modern amenities. It is also called as "Valle del Sol" that means valley of the sun. The town has so much to offer - two professional golf courses, restaurants, commerce and much more.

The highest real estate boutique of Costa Rica is Costa Rica Luxury and it is a family owned company since 1990. It has nearly 26 years of expertise in the real estate market and it is the first to develop luxury real estate of Costa Rica. It has more than 35 years of experience to deal with foreign clients from all over the world. Costa Rica Luxury Estates is a well determined to get good results, together with integrity and dedication with experience and expertise. Though it is a boutique company, client's private or personal information are very safe in the hands of the company.