New Zealand-American Company Allbirds Confirms A Sustainability Road Map

  • 6th Jul 2021
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New Zealand-American Company Allbirds Confirms A Sustainability Road Map

Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger joined hands to create Allbirds that offers an entirely new category of shoes inspired by natural materials.

This New Zealand - American footwear and apparel company is highly respected the globe over for its unique approach towards making shoes. Very recently Allbirds has come up with announcements of achieving its own carbon neutral targets with the help of 10 science-based sustainability steps as an initiative towards a better planet for all.

Allbirds expressed that the sustainable company will concentrate on regenerative agriculture, renewable materials, and responsible energy use to fulfill ten of the “most ambitious” science-backed sustainability objectives ever undertaken by a footwear and apparel entity. These goals would be backed up by a practical plan with an aim to realize them by the year 2025.  

Dubbed as the ‘Allbirds Flight Plan’ and as per the company - all the10 commitments have been formulated after a detailed analysis and these have also checked by unbiased observers from other sustainability organizations, consulting groups, and Allbirds' supply chain partners.

By tying these10 goals to the year 2025 Allbirds has actually created a deadline to its sustainable commitments. This particular step could seriously become a role model for other companies across various industries to follow in the coming days and months and years.

Allbirds Flight Plan - 10 quantitative sustainable commitments by 2025

Regenerative Agriculture
  • All of Allbirds’ Wool will be sourced from regenerative sources.
  • All of Allbirds’ annual on-farm discharges from wool to be reduced or isolated.
Renewable Materials:
  • 75% of materials used in Allbirds products to be sustainably sourced natural or recycled materials.
  • Allbirds will reduce the carbon footprint of its raw materials by 25%
  • Total raw materials used by Allbirds will be reduced by 25%
  • Increase twice the lifetime of Allbirds’ footwear and apparel products
Responsible Use:
Source 100% renewable energy for “owned and operated” facilities
Source 100% renewable energy for Tier 1 manufacturing partners
Come to a steady state of >95% ocean shipping
Achieve 100% of customers machine washing on cold and 50% of customers hang-drying Allbirds apparel
A unique Allbirds ‘Cradle-To-Grave’ accountability mantra:

These commitments are alongside its two aggressive carbon targets – one for 2025 and a longer-term goal for 2030 as part of its ‘Cradle-To-Grave’ accountability plan to drive its per-unit footprint to as close to zero emissions as possible by 2030.

By 2025, it has set itself a 50 percent reduction of its per-unit carbon footprint, fully inclusive of scope 1-3 emissions, including emissions from customer use and end of life. This expands to a near-zero per-unit carbon footprint by 2030.

As per Allbirds all of their targets are based on solid scientific backings and it expects that by 2030 it will achieve a 42% reduction in its absolute emissions against a 2020 baseline across scopes 1, 2, and 3.

Allbirds has also established an internal incentive structure to motivate its team.
1. Its carbon goals have been linked to corporate bonuses to encourage its leadership team 2. Also it has put in place a Sustainability Advisory Board consisting of external experts to track and keep accountability with regards to its progress.

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