The Cascais enchanting 7 bedroom Villa

Quinta da Marinha, Cascais

by Vitor Rodelo


  • Property Code: LUXAB543
  • Location: Lisbon - Portugal.
  • Property Type: Villa
  • Size: 7373 Sq.ft.
  • Land Area : 28836.52.
  • Bedroom: 7 Bedrooms.
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Responsible Agent:

Vitor Rodelo
  • Vitor Rodelo

  • +351914012774
  • Centro de Escritórios Panoramic Av.. do Atlântico, Lote 1.19.02, Escritório 8.11 1990-019 Parque das Nações


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As the name suggests this is an exotic and spacious seven bedroom Villa located in Cascais in the western part of Lisbon, also known as the coastal town of Portugal.

This Villa is beautifully spread over a majestic 2679 Sq.mtrs area and this sprawling piece of architecture has a Private Swimming Pool, a Garage, Modular Kitchen with Cabinets and a small garden.

Apart from the well laid out seven bedrooms, a living Room, a Dining Room, this amazing house also has a terrace area & Deck.

Feel free to contact me, Vitor, for a site visit to this lovely home. I would be glad to show you around.

Specifications :

* Garage
* Swimming Pool