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The Most Popular Art Galleries In London: An Art Lovers Paradise

  • 12th Nov 2020
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The Most Popular Art Galleries In London: An Art Lovers Paradise

London is known for being one of the most culturally-rich cities that brings together a prolific combination of artistic appeal, conventional surrealism and a patent art culture that is spread across its nooks and corners, adding to its beautifully rustic vibe.

This ethereal city of culture and tradition holds nearly 1500 permanent art exhibition spaces with most of them being free to visit, making it easily accessible to everyone.

The extent to which the concept of art influences the city is unparalleled and almost unimaginable considering the diverse range of art available- from vintage classic to contemporary to modern art, making it a true artist galore.

Visiting art exhibitions in London is almost part of a ritual for every visitor who steps foot into the city. Whether you are a tourist or simply an enthusiast who loves all things art and culture, London has just the right vibe for you.

While there are plethora of art galleries in London, choosing the right one can be a tricky business. To make the best out of your journey and see the most exquisite art in the city, we have shortlisted the best art galleries in London for you.

Tate Modern

Image courtesy: Viator

Topping the list of must visit art galleries in London, Tate Modern has been named the most popular art gallery in the world and is also known for being UK’s most visited tourist attraction. Located by the banks of the river Thames, this popular London art gallery features only modern contemporary art that dates back to the 1900’s.

The most special fact about this art giant of London is that the artist and artwork at this esteemed gallery keeps changing and is updated with the modern times. It regularly features new artists, artistic ideas and innovative concepts to not only inspire art enthusiasts but also visitors who come from all across the world to experience the sheer grandeur of Tate Modern.

Tate Britain

Image courtesy: Visit London

The oldest of London’s art gallery networks, Tate Britain is an older but refined sibling of Tate Modern, offering classic and vintage artwork ranging from the early 1500’s to present day. It is home to the largest collection of British Art in the world and has some of the most expensive and unique artwork pioneers in the field of art.

From Pre-Raphaelite paintings to Tuner and Francis Bacon’s art, Tate Britain has got it al. It not only features beautiful artwork but is also a piece of art in itself with its beautiful dome-centered architecture, porticoed entrance-way and splendid Victorian windows. The gallery restaurant and Rex Whistler’s mural ensures to provide the best experience while exploring the history of British Art.

The National Gallery of Art

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

Located in London’s most iconic Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery houses some of the greatest collection of paintings in the world. Explore the works of legendary artists like Van Gogh to Leonardo Da Vinci to Botticelli and many others.

The 200-year old building is a work of art in itself and is known to offer free guided tours, audio guides in multiple languages and exhibitions for its visitors, dedicated to celebrating art and culture. It is also the first gallery in the world to feature the work of Spanish impressionist, Joaquin Sorolla, who is dedicated to celebrating the seascape and animated scene of Spanish life.

Not only is the art gallery free to visit but also offers visitors to be part of adventurous workshops in drawing, printmaking and poetry.  

Saatchi Gallery

Image courtesy: Zanetto

Chelsea’s Saatchi Gallery, which is to be renamed as the Museum of Contemporary Art upon the retirement of owner Charles Saatchi, is known for featuring beautiful modern artwork and sculptures by young artists that are not commonly represented in the UK.

Located on an exquisite 70,000 square feet property, this art gallery has a core focus on young local and international artists who have not found the appropriate recognition for their work in the field of art. It aims to provide the absolute best art viewing experience with a huge spacious exhibition hall, a unique book shop and a lavishly designed café, to make for the most perfect ambience.

The main purpose of showcasing modern artwork is to encourage and inspire people to develop a sheer passion for art. Saatchi Gallery organizes exhibitions, events and educational programs to spread awareness and attract more visitors to come and experience modern art.

Royal Academy of Arts

Image courtesy: John Bodkin

One of the oldest collection of art galleries, the Royal Academy of Art is not only one of the first academic art institutions in UK but is also the very first organization to be run by artists since 1768. Located in the heart of London’s west end on Piccadilly, it hosts some of the finest art and touring exhibitions by upcoming artists and academicians.

It is popularly known for organizing the biggest art shows in London, like the ‘Abstract Expressionism’ from 2016. The gallery also received its very first extension recently, with its first permanent collection display, making it an immensely important part of the British art culture.

Serpentine Gallery

Image courtesy: Arcspace

Located in the midst of the infamous Hyde Park, Serpentine Gallery features some of the most exquisite works of legendary contemporary artists like Chris Ofili and Andy Warhol. It is known for organizing the most unique and adventurous art exhibitions in the city and has been designed by Zaha Hadid architects.

Apart from offering seasonal exhibition programs, Serpentine also presents the annual Serpentine Pavilion during the summers, which is the most ambitious architecture projects of all time. This project includes digital commissions, sculptures, outdoor educational programs and the renowned Edgware Road Project.

While London features many more such splendid galleries dedicated to representing culture and art, these were our main picks based on type of art and popularity. The concept of art is so widespread globally that it effortlessly entwines to bring cultures together and blends across beautifully forming its own free expression that is open to the diverse perceptions of art lovers.


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