Four Core Texts World Web3 Premiere - MakersPlace Partners with Bang & Olufsen

  • 22nd Mar 2024
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Four Core Texts World Web3 Premiere - MakersPlace Partners with Bang & Olufsen

Embarking on a Poetic Journey Across Time and Tech: "Four Core Texts" stands as a groundbreaking premiere in the world of Web3, brought to life through the partnership of MakersPlace and Bang & Olufsen. This collection, penned and performed by Sasha Stiles in collaboration with Technelegy and set to the original tunes of Kris Bones, offers a unique blend of poetry and music that bridges the ancient with the algorithmic, seeking meaning in our increasingly posthuman era.

A Tribute to Oral and Scripted Narratives

Drawing from the deep wells of Stiles' Kalmyk-Mongolian roots and inspired by T.S. Eliot's "Four Quartets," this quartet of media-rich, multilingual poems navigates the journey from oral tradition through the advent of written word to the dawn of AI-generated creativity. It's an exploration of how storytelling has evolved and shaped our collective consciousness, integrating the echoes of nomadic ancestors with the digital pulses of today's technology.

Poems That Speak to the Soul and the Circuit

The collection presents a turbo-charged exploration into the fabric of our language and identity, shaken by the seismic shifts brought about by technology. From the primal cadences of "The First Quartet" to the introspective verses of "A Restless Mind," each poem delves into the essence of human and digital interconnectedness, challenging our perceptions and inviting us to ponder our place in the digital age.

Bridging Generations through Translations

"Four Core Texts" acts as a linguistic bridge, intertwining English with Mongolian, to not only explore but also preserve the fading echoes of Stiles' heritage. The initiative employs AI-powered translations as a tool to navigate and celebrate the rich tapestry of oral tradition, while acknowledging the potential imperfections and challenges of technological mediation in capturing the nuance of human connection.

Voices from the Past and Future

The performance of these poems introduces a harmonious yet haunting blend of Stiles' spoken word with AI voice clones, creating a chorus that is at times eerily synthetic, yet profoundly human. This innovative use of technology and tradition challenges the notion of authorship and storytelling, offering a glimpse into a future where human and machine collaborate to craft new narratives.

An Auditory Experience Redefined

Kris Bones' original music and sound design envelop the poetry in a rich auditory landscape, merging electronic adaptations of traditional Mongolian melodies with the transformative power of digital sound manipulation. This fusion emphasizes the primal impact of rhythm and sound, inviting listeners to experience poetry through a profoundly immersive sonic journey, especially when paired with Bang Olufsen's superior audio technology.

Visualizing the Poetic Narrative

The aesthetic presentation of "Four Core Texts" incorporates Stiles' signature visual style, blending technologically inspired palettes with textual illustrations to enhance the poetic experience. These visual elements act as a modern libretto, guiding the audience through a sensory blend of language and image, from English to Mongolian and back, enriching the journey across cultures and epochs.

"Four Core Texts" reimagines the ancient art of storytelling through the lens of contemporary technology, offering a poignant reflection on the evolving human condition. This collaborative effort marks a significant milestone in the fusion of literary art and digital innovation, promising a multisensorial experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional poetry and performance.

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