Suhas Kataria

Founder and CEO


Founder and CEO of Realspace Assets LLP, a seasoned industry hand with hands on work experience of more than 15 years' in real estate. He has also managed to put in place a highly organised core team consisting of deal makers, real estate marketing professionals, computer programmers, web designers, data research & uploading - all having more than 5 years of actual real estate market experience. Apart from planning & executing strategies, Suhas is most focussed in closing real estate transactions across all geographies.

Team Luxury Abode

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit". This quote by Harry S Truman embodies the team spirit with which every Luxury Abode member works.

Filled with busy souls, our team is a cohesive unit that works in unison to ensure positive results for our clients.

Our work culture is inspired by ants and like them, we work tirelessly; don't leave the job undone; are not intimidated by the workload; we value teamwork, and are incredibly well-organized.