NEXT GEN Contemporary Art Auction by AstaGuru - A Spotlight on Anish Kapoor and Modern Masterpieces

  • 5th Apr 2024
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NEXT GEN Contemporary Art Auction by AstaGuru - A Spotlight on Anish Kapoor and Modern Masterpieces

AstaGuru’s eagerly anticipated Next Gen Contemporary Art Auction is set to feature a meticulously curated selection of over 100 works from leading and renowned contemporary artists. This edition is distinguished by a remarkable piece from Anish Kapoor, crafted in 2012. Known for his reflective stainless steel discs that distort and captivate viewers, Kapoor work, Lot no. 71, is expected to command between INR 5,00,00,000 and 7,00,00,000.

Diverse Artistic Expressions on Display

The auction will spotlight exceptional works from prominent contemporary Indian artists including Atul Dodiya, Subodh Gupta, and Jitish Kallat, among others. Scheduled for April 8-9, 2024, this event not only celebrates artistic innovation but also offers collectors the opportunity to acquire pieces from the vanguard of contemporary Indian art.

Ankita Talreja, AVP at AstaGuru, expressed her enthusiasm for the diverse array of artworks

This auction showcases a dynamic range of works by established and emerging artists, reflecting the vibrant currents of contemporary Indian art. Influenced by their unique cultural and personal narratives, each piece offers a distinct perspective, enriching the collector experience.

Anish Kapoor:

This renowned artist mirrored stainless steel disc from 2012 leads the auction, reflecting his mastery in creating optical and spatial illusions.

Surendran Nair:

Presents an oil on canvas titled Rainbows In Curved AirStudy For An Installation Elysium (Cuckoonebulopolis) blending political satire with surrealistic imagery.

Rana Begum:

Known for her minimalistic approach, Begum No. 679 Fold; utilizes lacquer-coated steel to explore geometric abstraction.

Prithpal Singh Ladi:

His untitled creation, crafted from diverse materials, highlights his innovative sculptural techniques.

Shilo Shiv Suleman:

(The Magician) an acrylic on canvas, captures Suleman’s enchantment with magical realism and the feminine mystique.

Atul Dodiya:

Stammer In The Shade VIII combines diverse materials to reflect a rich narrative depth.

Valay Shende:

Girl With Balloons (ED: 2APS+8) uses stainless steel to comment on childhood and urban existence.

Sheila Makhijani:

Peachy Peach Leachy Leach an acrylic work that plays with color and form to depict motion and emotion.

Nataraj Sharma:

Tailor Ahmed 6th Main 36th Cross delves into urban evolution through a vibrant and detailed canvas.

Subodh Gupta:

Black Thing (Ed:1/3), a large-scale sculpture, showcases Gupta use of everyday objects in monumental art. About AstaGuru AstaGuru Auction House, established in 2008, has become a pivotal platform for online auctions, facilitating the sale of contemporary and modern Indian art. AstaGuru has expanded its offerings to include a variety of collectibles, emphasizing transparency and convenience for global collectors.

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