The Bespoke BMW R 18 Magnifica by Radikal Chopper is a Genuinely Luxurious Motorcycle

  • 13th Jun 2022
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The Bespoke BMW R 18 Magnifica by Radikal Chopper is a Genuinely Luxurious Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad displayed the new BMW R 18 custom project by Radikal Chopper at the prestigious Top Marques event in Monaco. BMW Motorrad Italia assisted Andrea Radaelli of Radikal Chopper in the creation of the luxury R 18 Magnifica, which was commissioned by Officine Riunite Milanesi.

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The R 18 Magnifica was fashioned by hand out of brass, aluminium, and wood. Raffaello Polchi, the proprietor of Officine Riunite Milanesi and a lifetime motorcycle enthusiast, had the concept of creating a bespoke bike based on the BMW R 18.

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When building the custom motorcycle, Andrea Radaelli of Radikal Chopper was influenced by historic motorcycles from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, in particular the BMW R 37. The usage of a material such as wood is a tribute to the motorcycles of the past, a concept that also comes to mind when imagining vintage BMW automobiles with wooden steering wheels. Using this material also satisfies the urge to add something "alive" to the motorcycle.

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Crafted by hand using premium materials.CAD or render was not used as a starting point, only a drawing of the bike; the rest was up to Andrea Radaelli's creative imagination. To establish a cohesive visual logic, the R 18 was first conceived without all the features required for serial production, and then rethought with regard to the proportions between the front and back of the motorcycle. Nothing on the R 18 Magnifica is purchased; everything (or almost everything) is hand-designed and constructed. Except for the rims, which are machined from billet and numerically controlled machines, but always according to a design by Radikal Chopper. Even the brake discs and callipers were made specifically. The tail and seat suspension are a single component and offer the impression of flight.

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The combination of the polished stainless steel centre section and the mahogany rear end gives the motorcycle a jewel-like look. The forks have the same angle as the originals, but have an appearance similar of those on old motorcycles. Internally, however, they are entirely contemporary, constructed from billet components.

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The electrical system has not been altered; all components are completely operational. The dimensions, rims, and tyres are identical to the original: the bicycle is fully functional. Underneath the classic looks is a highly advanced motorcycle that has been lightened by around 100 kilogrammes: the BMW R 18 Magnifica weighs between 250 and 260 kilogrammes, as opposed to the original model's 345 kilogrammes.

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