The R 18 The Crown by BMW Motorrad Unveiled in July 2023, is Brilliant

  • 1st Aug 2023
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The R 18 The Crown by BMW Motorrad Unveiled in July 2023, is Brilliant

German artist Dirk Oehlerking, famed for his magnificent bespoke BMW boxers, has done it again for BMW's centenary by doing something out of the box.

His latest achievement, a customised BMW R18 titled THE CROWN drew attention during the BMW Motorrad Days event in Berlin in July 2023 with its combination of art deco flair, retro-futuristic components, and aeronautical details.

Dirk has not abandoned his conventional methods of design in favour of the more modern digital methods. To create his notion of a machine that unconventionally symbolises speed and power, he disassembled an R18 to its chassis and then moulded foam and cardboard around it.

Dirk's skill is on full display in the unique fuselage he built out of aluminium sheets only 2 millimetres thick. The 8-liter gasoline tank is cleverly integrated into the design, and the body tapers beautifully from front to rear, drawing attention to the R18's looping swingarm and exposed shaft drive.

Dirk reworked the front end to fit the new body by installing a cable-operated steering system, a custom-engineered front swingarm, and a Wilbers shock for improved damping. Dirk kept the R18's standard wheels, brakes, and rear shocks, and he also used the OEM LED headlamp, cylinder heads, and original chromed reverse gear lever in his design.

Oehlerking said:

"To get started, I took apart a brand new BMW R18. I made the form, the lines, and the design using cardboard and hard foam as usual. The goal was for it to look powerful, elegant, and fast combined with an innovative look."

Champagne and mother-of-pearl paintwork and a pair of slash-cut stainless steel exhausts elevate the bike's overall look. The pinstriped parts that span the length of the bike are reminiscent of classic BMW fuel tank designs, and the bike is finished off with discreet Kingston Custom and BMW badges and small brass fasteners.

This modified R18 only measures 2 inches in length and 40 kilogrammes lighter than the original design. We anxiously await Dirk's next pinnacle as he continues to innovate and push the limits of design and engineering with his products.

Oehlerking topped up the R 18 The Crown by painting it Champagne Platinum with mother-of-pearl and adding a little crown to the BMW logo.

On the occasion of BMW Motorrad's 100th anniversary, the "BMW R 18 The Crown" was introduced during the BMW Motorrad Days held in Berlin from July 7 to 9, 2023.

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