The AMB 001 Pro by Aston Martin & Brough Superior is a 997cc Track-only Superbike with Visceral Performance, Inspired by the Valkyrie AMR Pro Hypercar

  • 10th Nov 2022
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The AMB 001 Pro by Aston Martin & Brough Superior is a 997cc Track-only Superbike with Visceral Performance, Inspired by the Valkyrie AMR Pro Hypercar

Inspired by Aston Martin's unrivalled Valkyrie AMR Pro hypercar, Aston Martin and Brough Superior introduced the AMB 001 Pro, a track-only, 997cc superbike, at the EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show. The latest artistic endeavour between the two companies was strictly restricted to 100 units, all of which have now sold completely.

The AMB 001's replacement, which is now sold completely, boasts 225 HP and a power-to-weight ratio of 1.28 hp/kg, making it competitive with Formula One® cars. In order to achieve this increase in output, a brand-new 997cc, dual-cylinder, CNC-machined and AL 5000 solid billet-machined engine was installed. Due to the material's superior properties, the engine's framework is more stiff than before, and its wet cylinder liners and unconventional design provide for superior cooling.

The front cowl is now permanently linked to the motorcycle's bodywork in order to manage downforce at the front end, while the front spoiler and side wings help to increase downforce. The rider is shielded from the wind by a tunnel-like air blade. An enormous intake built into the front wing draws air in, which then passes through the front cowl's new design and is diverted by the active windshield.

The Aston Martin Racing Team's AMB 001 Pro is decked out in a racing livery of Aston Martin Verdant Jade, satin-finished carbon fibre, and black Cerakote on the engine and suspension. To emphasise this, we used Photon Lime accents, a colour taken from Aston Martin's racing heritage.

The "lacewing" logo of Aston Martin is prominently shown on the AMB 001 Pro. The aluminium lacewing used in the Aston Martin Valkyrie project was chemically etched to make it 30% thinner than a human hair and 99.4% lighter than the company's standard enamel insignia. On the nose cowl and tank, it will go on after the painted finish but before a faultless coat of lacquer.

The bike will be built by hand at the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France. In Q4 2023, they will begin sending out the first orders.

About Brough Superior:

Elite bikes by Brough Superior are handmade to deliver a unique combination of elegance, adventure, and passion. Prior to becoming French, the motorbike manufacturer was English. This iconic British brand was revitalised by the skilled hands of French artisans. The renowned Gentleman Racer George Brough launched Brough Superior in 1919. The British motorbike brand quickly embodied the avant-garde spirit of its origin, Nottingham. British bikes manufactured by Brough Superior, which were ridden by notable explorers and record-breakers, immediately became renowned for their unsurpassed design perfection.

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