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Phillips Unveils Dropshop, a Groundbreaking New Virtual Exhibition Space for Contemporary Artists and Craftspeople

  • 20th Aug 2023
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Phillips Unveils Dropshop, a Groundbreaking New Virtual Exhibition Space for Contemporary Artists and Craftspeople

Philips has introduced its newest product, called Dropshop. In conjunction with the very makers who drive modern culture, this groundbreaking digital platform brings to reality limited-edition releases of primary market art and items. With Dropshop, artists and collectors are brought together like never before, heralding a radical change in the art auction environment.

Resale royalties will be paid to Dropshop creators.

In Upcoming Phillips Sales, a Market First

Featuring Australian hyperrealist Cj Hendry, it premieres on August 20.

The art market has traditionally been split into two distinct but interconnected sectors: the primary market and the secondary market. Dropshop, on the other hand, seeks to disrupt the current quo by connecting the two. Dropshop is the only platform of its sort in the global auction market, and its innovative approach to collaboration defies norms and promotes a fresh take on the collecting hobby.

Dropshop places a premium on teamwork and shared vision. From concept to development to curation to marketing, Phillips works hand in hand with artists, collaborators, and brands to produce unique products that appeal to modern collectors. This all-encompassing strategy makes sure that every release is more than just another product; it's an adventure infused with creative spirit and originality.

Dropshop showcases a handpicked assortment of art and artefacts that are temporarily for sale on Phillips' website using a "buy now" ecommerce model. The whole nature of Dropshop is captured in its extreme scarcity: once they're gone, they're gone forever. The thrill and anticipation of the collection trip are amplified by the realisation that time is of the essence.

Dropshop is a logical extension of Phillips's already formidable international reputation as a powerhouse in 20th- and 21st-century art, design, and luxury products. The platform has the potential to revolutionise collecting as we know it by fostering a worldwide, instantaneous relationship between artists and collectors via direct participation.

One of Dropshop's most appealing features is its commitment to helping musicians in both the main and secondary marketplaces. Under this ground-breaking concept, artists whose works are acquired via Dropshop and later sold at Phillips auctions or shown in Phillips exhibits will receive a resale royalty fee. This forward-thinking approach recognises artists for their ongoing contributions to the art industry and gives them a stake in the lasting success of their creations.

On Sunday, August 20th, Dropshop will go live for the first time, demonstrating the platform's dedication to cutting-edge art and musicians. Australian hyperrealist Cj Hendry's 'Crown' series is a fascinating look at the intersections of identity politics, diversity in the arts, and market democratisation. There is a unique tale behind each of the one hundred bronze crowns that look like balloons. These sculptures are accompanied with a compelling large-scale illustration that adds another dimension to the whole collection.

Hendry and Phillips' partnership continues after this. Phillips headquarters will host an unforgettable launch party on August 19. Participants will be enthralled by a "Golden Ticket" treasure hunt that captures the zaniness of Willy Wonka. A signed and numbered bronze crown might be yours if you find one of the 100 "AIR" marked inflatable crowns hidden amid the thousands of "SPARE" marked crowns.

More news about upcoming 'Drops' is on the horizon. 


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