Indian Gifts The World With New Motorcycles On 100th Anniversary Of Evergreen Model

  • 17th Feb 2021
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Indian Gifts The World With New Motorcycles On 100th Anniversary Of Evergreen Model

Under the ownership of Polaris industries for the past decade, Indian is making a strong comeback with the introduction of three new and revised versions of its iconic Chief motorcycle, which was first released in the year 1922. Through the highs and lows of bankruptcy, boots and reboots, Chief is the one model that has retained its charm and demand. Indian is now celebrating the model’s hundredth anniversary with the launch of the three Chief variants in 2022.

The three variants, although similar in many aspects, each offer something different to suit the needs of varying biker profiles. The first is the Standard Chief- the classic, no-nonsense bullet for the practical rider. Starting at $14,499, it includes features such as a 26-inch-high single seat, mid-mount foot controls, drag bars and a 19-inch front wheel.

The second is the Chief Bobber, which is a throwback to its post-war predecessors and is also a bike more noticeable for its rugged glory than bells and whistles. Starting at $15,999, the bike features bobtail back fenders, mini-ape hanger handlebars, foot controls placed farther forward, and a ride setup that enables good posture on the saddle. Additionally, it offers a lot of room for personalisation.

The last dashing hero of this trio is the Super Chief, which is all about those miles. Starting at $18,499, the bike is perfect for the long haul, like extended road trips, and comes equipped with saddlebags totalling 9.7 gallons of storage, a touring seat with passenger pad, floorboards and a removable windscreen.

The new Chief line-up not only boasts of excellent mileage, torque and super-high quality rubber tires, but also of a plethora of superb rider assists. Its cruise control includes three ride modes ((Standard, Sport and Tour), it offers keyless ignition and the option of an anti-lock brake system (ABS). A selection of more than 80 accessories have also been tailored to each model of this line-up, and riders will additionally have the option to upgrade to customised packages with more features.

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