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Celebrate Father's Day with a Culinary Adventure at CUR8, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

This Father's Day, replace the tie with a culinary journey at CUR8, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru. An extravagant breakfast with chef-perfected classics, creative drinks and a huge dessert bar will round off the celebration.

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 10th Jun 2024
Embark on a Frozen Cocktail Odyssey - Panda & Sons Take Over Copitas at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

On Friday, May 31, 2024, Bengaluru's lively cocktail scene will host an amazing partnership. Panda & Sons, one of The World's 50 Best Bars and one of the Top 500 Bars, will take over Copitas at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru for a night of inventive frozen

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 25th May 2024
A Toast to the Future - When Bengaluru Met Seoul's Zero-Waste Mastery at Copitas

Copitas, the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru's crown gem, is where Bengaluru's glitterati escape for an unforgettable evening. The 21st-floor venue is a symbol of elegance and innovation among Asia's finest bars. A revolutionary event will combine Seoul's co

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 5th Mar 2024
A Stirring Sensation - Millie Tang's Mixology Magic at Copitas

Copitas, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru, will elevate Bengaluru's cocktail culture in March. Millie Tang, a worldwide bar star, will demonstrate her exceptional mixology talents on an unforgettable evening. From the 21st level, Copitas provides stunning cit

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 26th Feb 2024
Jonas Vittur Named Bar Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru's Copitas

Copitas, a stylish Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru hideaway rated #38 in Asia's 50 Best Bars this year, has hired Jonas Vittur as bar manager. Copitas, on the 21st floor of the five-star Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru, serves superb drinks and offers beautiful

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 23rd Dec 2023
Rakesh Shetty Appointed Director of Restaurants and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

The Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru named Rakesh Shetty Director of Restaurants and Bar. Mr. Shetty offers over a decade of hospitality expertise and a dedication to culinary excellence to this job.

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 31st Oct 2023
Copitas at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru Wins Prestigious Second Listing Among Best Bars in Asia

Copitas, located on the 21st floor of the Four Seasons Hotel in Bengaluru, is the city's most opulent cocktail bar, frequented by those in the know.

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 20th Jul 2023
Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru Receives Distinction Awards at the 2023 Icons Of Gin Awards

Copitas at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru has been named Highly Commended Icons of Gin 2023 - Bar of the Year.

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 4th Jul 2023
An Amazing Takeover!! Burnt Ends of Singapore Replaces Copitas at Four Seasons Hotel, Bengaluru

Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru has had the most amazing bar takeovers recently, and Singapore's award-winning Burnt Ends Bar will take over Copitas for two days on April 21st and 22nd, 2023.

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 22nd Apr 2023
Two of the World's Best Bars Come Together: The Four Seasons Bengaluru Bar Takeover by Alquimico At Copitas

Alquimico At Copitas: Four Seasons Bengaluru Bar Takeover - two of the world's finest bars are coming together for an unforgettable evening in Bengaluru.

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 17th Mar 2023
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