A Toast to the Future - When Bengaluru Met Seoul's Zero-Waste Mastery at Copitas

  • 5th Mar 2024
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A Toast to the Future - When Bengaluru Met Seoul's Zero-Waste Mastery at Copitas

In the dynamic heart of Bengaluru, an enchanting evening awaits at Copitas, the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru’s crown jewel, where the city's glitterati find their sanctuary. This acclaimed venue, soaring on the 21st floor, has become a beacon of luxury and innovation, celebrated among Asia's elite bars. It’s here that a groundbreaking event is set to unfold, blending the rich legacy of Seoul’s cocktail culture with Bengaluru’s spirited ambience.

Seoul's Zest and India's Copitas: A Symphony of Sustainable Spirits

On the 8th of March, 2024, Copitas will welcome Zest, the revered minimalistic bar from South Korea known for its pioneering zero-waste approach, for an exclusive takeover. This collaboration, a first of its kind in India with The Dram Attic, promises to introduce Bengaluru to a new paradigm of eco-conscious indulgence. Zest, a beacon of innovation, brings its highly acclaimed sustainable practices to the fore, having been lauded among the world and Asiafinest bars.

A Confluence of Green Ideals

The partnership between Copitas and Zest is a testament to their shared ethos of environmental stewardship. Copitas’ dedication to sustainability is evident in its lush herb garden and its initiatives like plantable coasters and Tulsi seed bomb gifts, inviting guests to join in their green endeavors.

The Craft Behind the Zero-Waste Cocktail

The Zest PhilosophyZest redefines the art of mixology with its ingenious use of every ingredient. Take, for example, the celebrated Jeju orange; not a trace goes to waste as its peels are transformed into aromatic house gin and its pulp into sweet cordials. This commitment not only honors the environment but elevates the cocktail experience to an art form, showcasing the boundless creativity at play.

The Storytellers Behind the Bar

The essence of Zest is captured in its drinks, each a narrative of South Korea’s rich culinary legacy. At the helm are Demie Kim and Jisu Park, whose remarkable journeys include accolades and global recognition. Together, they weave the story of Zest’s ascension in the mixology world, crafting drinks that are both a homage to their heritage and a nod to the future.

A Personal Invitation from Bengaluru to You

In the words of Reuben Kataria, General Manager of Four Seasons Bengaluru, this unique event embodies the fusion of creativity, commitment to the planet, and unparalleled mixology. It's more than an invitation to taste; it’s a call to experience the vibrant essence of South Korea's bar scene, right in Bengaluru's backyard.

As the sun sets on March 8th, Copitas and Zest extend a warm invitation to explore the realm of sustainable luxury, where every sip is a step toward a greener tomorrow. Join us for a night where cultures converge, spirits soar, and the future of cocktails is reimagined.

Join Us:

  • When: March 8, 2024
  • Where: Copitas, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru
  • RSVP: +91 96064 87958

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