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Astronomical Painting Sales Proves that Genius is Timeless

  • 26th May 2021
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Astronomical Painting Sales Proves that Genius is Timeless

One of Picasso’s most famous works, titled ‘Woman sitting by a window’, recently sold for a whopping $103 million in an auction at Christie’s, New York. This sale proves the Spanish painter’s brilliance, as this sale was made during the pandemic. It also marks Picasso as one of the few artists to have had their paintings sold at over $100 million.

American painter Jean-Michel Basquiat’s masterpiece ‘In This Case’, sold for $93.1, again at Christie’s, New York. The most expensive Basquiat sale was the painting ‘Untitled’, sold at $110.5 million at Sotheby’s, New York. Both of these paintings feature skulls, showcasing the two dominant themes of his work- anatomy and the representation of African Americans.


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