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A White Glove Sale Concludes AstaGuru Modern Treasures Auctions

  • 5th Sep 2023
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A White Glove Sale Concludes AstaGuru Modern Treasures Auctions

AstaGuru concluded its 'Modern Treasures' Modern Indian Art auction scheduled for September 1-2, 2023 with impressive results, totaling INR 64,71,77,065 in revenue.

The auction established world records for six artists - Ganesh Pyne, K.H. Ara, Homi Bhabha, B Prabha, Thota Vaikuntam, Dhanraj Bhagat.

The finely curated selection of works come from the prolific oeuvres of exemplary Indian modernists who have shaped and influenced Indian art history, including Jamini Roy, M. F. Husain, S. H. Raza, K. H. Ara, F. N. Souza, Sadanand Bakre, Akbar Padamsee, Krishen Khanna, Avinash Chandra, Ram Kumar, K. G. Subramanyan, H. A Gade, Ganesh Py

The Senior Vice President of Client Relations at AstaGuru Auction House, Sunny Chandiramani, stated:

"We are ecstatic with the success of our Modern Treasures Auction, which resulted in a White Glove Sale. The catalogue was meticulously curated to feature an exceptional collection of works by India's renowned modernists. Several of the works were offered for the first time at auction and were avidly purchased, demonstrating the market's sustained expansion. The outcome is also indicative of the fact that collectors anxiously anticipate and anticipate more offerings, and when presented with a diverse and captivating collection, they are prepared to go to great extent to acquire historically significant works of art."

Top Highlights from the sale:

1. Lot no. 9 : Untitled by M.F. Husain

The untitled large-scale work by M.F. Husain garnered a sale value of INR 7,19,98,449. The acrylic on canvas work, executed circa 1970, is an example of the many works the iconic artist created with the recurring motif of horses.

2. Lot no. 6 : Winter Morning by Ganesh Pyne

Executed 1971 using tempera on canvas laid on board, the work titled Winter Morning depicts a solemn figure of a child adorning a cape, capturing a powerful message about the child's resilience in the face of poverty. The cape, traditionally associated with superheroes, becomes a symbol of hope and strength. The work generated a revenue of INR 5,95,38,462.

3. Lot no. 21 : Untitled (Varanasi) by Ram Kumar

The untitled oil on canvas work by eminent artist Ram Kumar was executed in 1971. A large-scale abstract landscape, the painting depicts the artist rendition of Varanasi in his distinct style. The work was sold at a value of INR 4,03,29,360.

4. Lot no. 10 : Untitled by J. Swaminathan

The untitled oil on canvas work by J Swaminathan generated a revenue of INR 3,89,58,236. Swaminathan paintings brought together distinct imagery and vivid hues, hinting at the elevation of human consciousness, liberating it from the mundane and impure.

5. Lot no. 14 : Untitled by Ram Kumar

Sold at a value of INR 3,54,89,809, this untitled painting by Ram Kumar is an oil on canvas work. Executed in 1958, it comes from the early phase of his career as an artist

6. Lot no. 1 : Angels Concert...Homage To Mozart by Homi Bhabha

Scientist and artist Homi Bhabha work titled Angels Concert….Homage To Mozart is an oil on canvas painting that brings together his two passions - art and music. Executed circa 1960, it portrays a celestial scene where ethereal figures, resembling heavenly angels, are depicted as musicians, part of an orchestra. The work generated a revenue of INR 89,46,414.

7. Lot no. 26 : Untitled by B Prabha

Sold at a value of INR 1,24,17,187, this untitled oil on canvas work by modernist B Prabha was executed in 1986 in her signature style. Throughout her career, she explored diverse themes, ranging from landscapes to critical societal issues like drought, hunger and homelessness.

8. Lot no. 28 : Bathers by K.H. Ara Bathers by K.H.

Ara is a large scale watercolour on paper work executed circa 1960. The work garnered a revenue of INR 3,22,07,401 and showcases the artist command over figuration and his preoccupation with the female nude.

9. Lot no. 35 : Untitled by Dhanraj Bhagat

The untitled work by famed sculptor Dhanraj Bhagat is executed in fibreglass, circa 1970. As Bhagat artistic exploration evolved, he developed a distinct individualistic style that involved combining various materials and geometric shapes. The work generated a revenue of INR 20,69,538.

10. Lot no. 44 : Untitled by T Vaikuntam

An awe inspiring untitled painting by Thota Vaikuntum, the work perfectly captures the essence of his art practice which is informed by the simple yet profound moments that define life in rural Telangana. The acrylic on canvas work was executed in 2015 and was sold at a value of INR 1,41,35,220.

All figures are inclusive of auction house margin.

An analysis of the auction can be viewed here:

About AstaGuru

AstaGuru Auction House was conceptualised in the year 2008 with the sole purpose of creating a safe and secure platform to conduct online auctions for Contemporary Modern Indian Art. Over the years, AstaGuru has curated auctions encompassing diverse categories, our portfolio includes art, jewellery, fine silver, timepieces, textiles, celebrity memorabilia, rare books, numismatic, philately and vintage cars. In 2018, AstaGuru became the first Indian auction house to present an exclusive edition for vintage and classic cars.

AstaGuru has strived to successfully bridge the gap between prospective buyers and consignors by transcending the limitations of live auctions. AstaGuru imparts effortless transparency to the process of acquiring and selling art and rare collectibles. The online module offers bidders the opportunity to bid from the comfort of their houses or while they are on the go.


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