A Rejuvenated Czech Icon: Praga Unveils The ZS 800 Motorcycle

  • 13th Feb 2023
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A Rejuvenated Czech Icon: Praga Unveils The ZS 800 Motorcycle

Praga Unveils The Amazing Praga ZS 800 Motorcycle

Czech Republic headquartered Praga, a manufacturing and engineering business, has introduced the Praga ZS 800 motorcycle, a contemporary reinterpretation of the 1928 Praga BD 500.

The new Praga ZS 800 was created by the same professional engineering team responsible for the celebrated Praga Bohema hypercar. It blends a suite of sophisticated motor racing manufacturing methods and materials with the personality and design nuances of its 1928 BD 500 grandfather.

With its chrome molybdenum steel frame, titanium exhaust system, and unique woven carbon wheels, the ZS 800 weighs only 142kg dry (158kg wet), and its air-cooled, 773cc four-stroke, parallel-twin engine provides a riding experience that is destined to ignite the spirit.

Praga will build just 28 ZS 800s, which are presently available for pre-order with delivery commencing in the middle of 2023; the first of these will be delivered to a customer in Dubai.



In 1928, the first Praga BD 500 left the Prague workshop of Breitfeld-Dank. Jaroslav Frantiek Koch, a young aircraft designer and ardent rider, designed the basic design for what was considered a contemporary motorbike at the time.

Koch personally rode the BD 500 from Rome to Prague, traversing 1,480 kilometres in 35 hours and 40 minutes, establishing a new endurance record. The BD 500 had one of the first ever four-stroke DOHC engines created by Koch, and also included many groundbreaking design innovations.

Now, in 2023, the past is being repeated.

The ZS 800 was conceived by Jan ui, an engineer who worked on the 700-horsepower lightweight luxury Praga Bohema hypercar, as a passion endeavour to recreate the BD 500.

Jan devised the design with colleague engineer Radek ebesta, combining technical skill and commitment with Praga's superior manufacturing capabilities and racing technology. So was created the Praga ZS 800, a contemporary reinvention that keeps the personality and design of its ancestor, the BD 500.


The Praga ZS 800 is an excellent example of craftsmanship. This motorbike is brought to reality by a mix of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and ultralight materials.
The 773cc four-stroke parallel twin engine resides inside a chrome molybdenum steel chassis. The contemporary but historically designed unit is lightweight and blends well with the appearance of the ZS 800, with stunning construction that mirrors the original BD 500 engine structure, bevel gear cam drive, and Euro 5 compliance.

Unique forged carbon wheels compliment the ZS 800's hydraulic drum braking system, which was designed to suit the motorcycle's aesthetics and performance. To imitate the appearance of the BD 500, the hand-woven carbon rims include a sophisticated artistic design of overlapping carbon fibres and exquisite carbon spokes.

A sculpted front fork is positioned at the front of the motorbike; this construction is only achievable due to five-axis machining and chrome molybdenum steel. Within the fork is a fully-adjustable Ohlins suspension with a titanium spring that simply provides a luxurious ride.

The Praga ZS 800 has an 11.5-liter gasoline tank with a forged carbon lid, a dry weight of under 142 kilogrammes, and a 50:50 weight distribution between the wheels, all of which contribute to a ride that is impressively balanced.


The Praga ZS 800 is the result of expert engineering and a profound understanding of complicated, high-quality materials.

Titanium is employed extensively in the design, with almost every screw, axle, nut, and bolt of the chassis and engine constructed from the lightweight, high-strength metal. Additionally, the exhaust system is made entirely of titanium and weighs just 4.8kg as a consequence, with select components manufactured utilising cutting-edge 3D printing.

The ZS 800's design also incorporates premium materials such as duralumin alloys, noble chrome molybdenum steel, and forged carbon. To achieve the ideal structure, the engineering team manipulates the complicated materials using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, including nearly 300 hours of five-axis machining.

The Chief Designer of the ZS 800, Jan ui, said, "Strong and incredibly lightweight materials, including as carbon, titanium, chrome molybdenum steel, and aircraft duralumin, allowed us to redesign the stiff rear wheel suspension, the front swingarm fork, and the hydraulic drum brakes.

"These futuristic materials and the most up-to-date manufacturing capabilities of the Praga sports division allowed us to bring these magnificent historical design features into the present and create a motorbike with modern driving characteristics and a distinctive feel."

The high price of £75,550 (EUR 86,000 (excl. tax)) is a reflection of the meticulous and painstaking engineering that goes into every Praga creation, including the limited-edition £1.1 million Bohema hypercar. Beginning in the middle of 2023, the Praga ZS 800 will be available to collectors and motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

For more information about the Praga ZS 800, please visit www.pragaglobal.com/motorcycles/zs800.

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