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Why Should You Choose Luxury Vacation Rentals For Your Next Holiday?

  • 7th Aug 2020
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Why Should You Choose Luxury Vacation Rentals For Your Next Holiday?

Many years ago, an ultimate delightful travel experience was associated with staying in at the 5-star hotel. Recently, due to higher expectations of travelers, brand new attitudes, different tastes regarding travel and vacation, and a greater desire for having more private, serene, nourishing time, a vacation rental is a quite new trend which has been arising in the last 20 years.

Vacation rental’s fashion is an alternative option to avoid staying in a huge, crowded hotel to revitalize your spirit, boost your wellness, and embrace your privacy whether you like to hide in an exotic estate among the forests or lying down on a sunbed in a beachfront villa.

Staying in vacation rental holds many advantages as compared to staying in a hotel which in part comes from the design of accommodation and partly the type of service and booking procedure.

Do you like to party and enjoy an endless night? Well, undoubtedly, for younger people who like dancing, a vacation rental is a great choice. Vacation rentals are best when it comes to having group holidays and parties. Most traditional hotels have not been able to cash in that benefit of increased group travel in recent years.

There are hundreds of thousand properties all over the world where you are far away from the normal way of living and where you can get lost in the serene natural beauty, local culture, and interesting activities. Often such places have access to the clubs, bars and shopping areas with a great nightlife.

Are you looking for the most romantic honeymoon where you are secluded and can lay down by the pool with your loved one while drinking your wine gazing at the horizon?

Or if you have decided to host a reunion party with your family vacation rental is the answer.

Vacation Rentals are ideal for playing games together, barbequing, and relishing your childhood memories in an exquisite location. If you are a millennial craving for the most calming vacation of your life, here are some reasons to choose a vacation rental for your next well-deserved vacation.

…. Reasons to choose Vacation Rental



1. Ultimate Privacy

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This is the top reason in a private property that beats a stay in a hotel. A private home-style villa grants you to relish unlimited freedom, privacy, and serenity. There is no doubt you will be lying down on a comfy sunbed while enjoying a good summer read. For people with families who have children, this experience feels like a home far away from home. Children can enjoy the pool, alongside with some family games that form a perfect picture of the family vacation. For groups and individuals with their friends, it is a perfect place to relish childhood banters without being judged, it's a great way to bond with people who are close to you. Ultimate privacy leads to ultimate comfort.



2. Lower cost

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Staying in a spacious mansion with a group of friends or your family would be much economical than staying in a hotel. Even if you are planning to go on a memorable honeymoon, escape from crowds, relax with your partner, a king-size property having a wellness centre, gym, spa, private pool, laundry, a full well-equipped kitchen is a much cheaper and better value than a hotel. It is also worth mentioning that Villas with concierge services have become professional and hence Luxury Vacation rentals provide a higher level of service with relatively lower pay. The staff is personalized and hence adds an extra flavor of exclusivity.



3. Perfect location

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Vacation rentals especially in the luxury sector are in direct competition of traditional vacation stay in hotels. Therefore, the owners or property managers try to do their best to offer the best facilities in an absorbing location.

Most estates are located in serene and secluded spots which is surely a noticeable privilege comparing to hotels in crowded and popular areas.

Whether the estate is landed on a sun-kissed island, surrounded with mountains or cliffs with a breathtaking view, or hidden among bushes and pine trees, the location will entice its guests.



4. Spacious Property

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When we dream about a peaceful vacation where you are surrounded by silence, tranquility while feeling at home. Then we suggest you consider a vacation rental which is a better and wiser option offering you a spacious, roomy property to feel free. It would be amazing to have a private bath with a breathtaking view of the ocean or a study to spend a few hours on your own. By renting a villa, you will be enjoying your time socializing with your friends or family and at the same time having a private space to contemplate, slow down, and relax.



5. Personalized Stay / Customized stay

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One of the downsides of staying /spending your time in a hotel is the boundaries and specific policies you have to obey, such as a fixed time table in using the amenities like swimming pool or gym, or the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.

But a private villa allows you to be on your own in your desire. Cook what you want, use the amenities whenever you want, and feel your lifetime experience. In villas with concierge services chefs take extra care to understand the preferences of the guests and hence save a lot of hassle.



6. Carefree Stay

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Agencies will be in charge of every single detail and take care of everything. You do not need to be worried about your magical moments, because anything about your arrival, departure, and during your unforgettable stay will be managed and coordinated.

By booking your rental property from an agency, you will be assured to experience a distinctive set of standards that make your travel unforgettable.


7. Up to date Property



The owners or property agencies will always make sure to keep the estate in the finest, contemporary condition for your tailor-made vacation. The properties interiors are always being decorated by hand-picked objects, minimal and contemporary decoration, or rustic design with a welcome atmosphere in which you feel comfortable recharged. Some of these properties have been curated by famous artists or have a particular cultural significance that makes it very exclusive.



8. Private Tours

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Most vacation rental agencies will cover some special services to fulfill the meaning of an amazing vacation. Whether you crave for a drive to a golden sand beach, a walk to a mysterious bay close to your villa, explore the rural area and emerge yourself to the local culture by visiting the local market, weekly bazaar, or old alleys full of jasmine aroma, tour the countryside or even to add a bit of spice of adventure to your trip, the private tours will always coordinate an organized an excursion for you.





There is no wonder vacation rentals industry will be growing immensely and take over greater market share in tourism and hospitality, so more agencies, property managers and villa owners will offer added, supreme and more exclusive services, such as

• Private transportation at your arrival, departure, or discovering the area by private jet, yacht, cruise.

• Daily cleaning service.

• Travel assistance and a full-time concierge to be at your service and offering their help and support.

• Exclusive services, such as private professional chef, hostess, and maids.

• Premium assistance, such as a private excursion tour to discover the sightseeing.

• Beside the concierge, a dedicated 24/7 on-site support team aids you with any further inquiries.

• A well-designed luxury basket welcoming you entering the rental.


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