The Forest Lagoon or Skogarboo Geothermal Spa in Iceland Should be on TOP of Your Luxury Vacation Wish List

  • 21st Mar 2022
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The Forest Lagoon or Skogarboo Geothermal Spa in Iceland Should be on TOP of Your Luxury Vacation Wish List

Exciting, tempting, enthralling and more - The Forest Lagoon is a new geothermal spa, situated in Vaðlaskógur forest, several minutes' car drive from Akureyri in Iceland and is planned to open very soon.

Apart from its remarkable natural beauty, Iceland is also famed for its magnificent geothermal pools. And the newest to be included to the list is ‘Forest Lagoon’ or Skogarboo, as it is also nicknamed. 

The unusual luxury property spreads over 500 square metres and is mesmerisingly intriguing, immersing tourists amid the verdant world of trees that it is surrounded with.

The location Akureyri where the Forest Lagoon is situated, is known locally in Iceland as the "Capital of the North" and it takes 45 minutes to fly from Reykjavík or less than a five-hour drive.

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What does Forest Lagoon provide?

Forest Lagoon´s 1.300 square-meter complex comprises a cafe, two infinity pools with two swim-up bars, a cold tub and a sauna. The facility can accommodate up to 200 people at a time and we will be open seven days a week from 10:00 in the mornings until 24:00 throughout the nights.

Mouth-watering, isnt it?

The unique Bistro eating experience gives tourists classic Icelandish ‘smorrebrod’ — open rye-bread sandwiches topped with fish, cold meats or cheese and a drink of their choice. Mouth-watering, isnt it?

The geothermal water

The spa's pools are heated up with pure natural geothermal water that is derived from the mountain beyond the Forest lagoon setting, Vaðlaheiði. The water was found during a tunnel construction project and has since been given a new function and therapeutic properties.

While the Forest Lagoon is somewhat smaller in size than the other geothermal pools in Iceland, it is completely surrounded by woods. This is an unusual occurrence, given that just 3% of the Iceland is classified as woods making the Forest Lagoon all the more exclusive.

The lagoon, according to reports, has 'awe-inspiring fjord and mountain range vistas' and enables visitors to 'enjoy the midnight sun, awe-inspiring sunsets, the Northern Lights, and year-round astronomy possibilities.' Additionally, the pool is linked to forest paths and a variety of natural animals.

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A perfect get-away

The venue, which is located in the lovely town of Akureyri in northern Iceland, also has perfect swimming conditions. Guests may choose between an experience at the forest lagoon (which is naturally maintained at a cool 39 to 42 degrees Celsius), an infinity-edge oasis, a cold plunge pool, or a sauna.

Chairman of the board Sigriour M Hammer said,

'We are certain that the addition of a new natural geothermal pool to the region would encourage tourists to spend more time in Akureyri and its surrounds. This, in turn, will benefit local businesses and the local economy.'


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Therefore, if you're planning an exotic luxury vacation in one of the most picturesque locations on the planet, put Forest Lagoon Iceland at the top of your list without a doubt.

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