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What makes Whalers Cove Luxury Vacation So Special?

  • 18th Dec 2020
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What makes Whalers Cove Luxury Vacation So Special?

Location and characteristics

Whalers Cove is located in Dunsborough, Western Australia, a short two-and-a-half-hour drive south of Perth. Whalers Cove is the ultimate luxury vacation spot, as it is a unique accommodation less than an hour away from the Margaret River wine region, and with beachfront views.

Whalers Cove offers the perfect family retreat. This  beach-front community is nestled in the heart of Dunsborough, and it is perfect for family vacations because the beach, which is protected, is located directly in front of the property, with no road crossings, so parents can relax while their kids play in the sand just a few meters away.

What to expect from Dunsborough and Margaret River?


This has become a popular holiday spot for Australians who reside in the west coast of the country. It is due to the quiet sandy coves and its clear-water beaches, as well as the fact that it is surrounded by both nature and great touristic attractions, and do not forget the great shopping experiences available.

Margaret River

Located about forty minutes away, the Margaret River is known for being a fabulous wine region, where you can do all sorts of activities, such as- wine, cheese, olive oils and chocolate tastings, as well as walking the trails of the Meelup National Park and whale watching from the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse.


Wine and Beer Tours

The Margaret River is known for being one of the most geographically isolated wine regions in the world. The wine that comes from this region has been internationally recognized for being world-class, as well as the beer.

Art Galleries

If you are a fan of art, then wait no more, there are some amazing art galleries in Dunsborough and the wider south west region. Some of them include: the Christian Flethcher Gallery, the Tu-Art Gallery, John Miller Design, the Sensei Pot Art Gallery and The studio Gallery.

Beach Spots, Whale Watching and Diving

Whale watching and dive sports, what more could you ask for? Many  operators In the area offer amazing tours which include whale and/or dolphin watching, as well as entertainment for families. The best beaches to visit include Meelup Beach, Bunker Bay, Geographe Bay or Cape Naturaliste.

Wineries Dinning and Drinks

Enjoy some of the best restaurants in the state.


The shopping experience in Dunsborough includes everything from natural products to pottery and vintage pieces.

Beauty and Massage

Once you’ve experienced Dunsborough, be sure to use some of your time in the day spas or yoga retreats in the area.

For Kids

Outdoor activities, from surfing to rock-climbing, from horse riding to the beach, active kids have the best time in Whalers Cove.


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