What Are NFTs and What Makes NFTs Inherently Luxurious?

  • 4th Feb 2022
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What Are NFTs and What Makes NFTs Inherently Luxurious?

Understanding NFTs

As life becomes more digital with every passing minute right from buying groceries to finances there are new surprises to be discovered for mankind everyday literally. NFTs are the latest addition and these Non Fungible Tokens are raking up a storm.

In early 2020, NFTs began making a lot of noise, which first left us delighted and perplexed. In 2021, sales of NFTs exceeded USD 25 billion (approximately Rs 1,84,690 crore), according to market tracker DappRadar. We are here to decipher what makes NFTs so costly, both as an investment and a viable form of digital transaction. However, let us begin by discussing what NFTs are.

NFTs are, simply put, non-fungible tokens. When we state that these tokens or assets are non-fungible, we imply that they are unique, irreplaceable, and give sole ownership on the blockchain. They are irreplaceable. NFTs can be any form of digital media, such as artwork, drawings, or music.

Luxury, as we all know, is meant to be limited. The majority of the major luxury companies provide a limited quantity of a particular 'series' to emphasise the 'exclusivity' message and highlight the premium factor. Because there can be only one NFT of anything, NFTs are naturally luxurious.

If you own an NFT it means that you are the Sole owner of that digital content in whatever format on the whole planet and because this happens to be on the block chain your ownership unquestionable. And, depending on their market worth in the NFT sector, you can choose to retain your NFTs as luxury collectables or sell them for a profit.

The reasons why NFTs are costly To begin, NFTs are not fungible, which implies that they are completely owned by the individual. They certify the uniqueness and one-of-a-kind nature of a non-fungible item. Investing in a Picasso work of art, for instance. Multiple reproductions of his artwork are permitted, but only one original work is permitted. This is what adds value and irreplaceability to the original picture.

Different from Crypto Currency

NFTs vary from cryptocurrencies in that they may be exchanged for valued goods, indicating that they are fungible. NFTs are not, which is one of the reasons they are such a powerful investing instrument.

Additionally, usefulness, ownership history, underlying value, buyer perception, liquidity premium, and future worth all contribute to the NFTs being such attractive assets.
Minting is the term for the process of generating an NFT. NFTs can be created and sold by artists, gamers, various companies, and singers, among others. They may then put the item on the digital marketplace of their choosing after making it.

Typically, the author of the work adds a commission to it, ensuring that the creator is compensated whenever the item is purchased.

Due to the fact that the transaction charges and the gas or energy necessary to complete the transaction are fairly costly and are carried by the buyer, the seller benefits from each purchase. Additionally, these energy prices vary by location. 

A developer can sign up for any platform, including Rare, Ethereum, or SuperRare. These are venues for the creation and trading of NFTs. These platforms enable artists and brands to produce non-transferable tokens (NFTs) utilising blockchain technology that are immutable and unchangeable. This implies that once an NFT is formed, its ownership cannot be changed or altered, nor can it be replicated.

Once uploaded, the NFTs may be viewed by anybody and purchased or sold in the same way as stocks are. They are comparable to collectibles, but they provide excellent financial opportunities.

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