The World's Longest Wooden Catamaran Built by Soyaslan is Stunning

  • 4th Aug 2022
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The World's Longest Wooden Catamaran Built by Soyaslan is Stunning

Soyaslan, a small boat manufacturer, has recently released what is likely the world's longest cold-molded catamaran. The Turkish construction expert who crafted the 19.37-meter vessel commissioned the services of Tumer Design Studio for its design.

The catamaran's sleek design is present regardless of the construction material. A sweeping shearline rises from the boat's aft-raked stern and arcs upwards into its dramatically flared bows. A sleek hard top conceals the flybridge from the sun, while the white coachroof seems to float over a pool of black glass.

That the cold moulding manufacturing technique would have been ideal for this kind of intricate design. The process of cold moulding is constructing a form by bending wood sheets or boards over a plug or frame. To ensure the structural integrity and endurance of the assembled wooden parts, high-performance epoxy is used for bonding and sheathing.

The company's creator, Can Soyaslan, claims that "in the finished appearance, consumers cannot identify the difference between a cold-molded boat and a GRP or metal one." The hull's practical toughness and lifetime are unparalleled. Yachts built from wood survive for decades and provide superior protection from the elements.

Cold-molding and glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) are essentially the same in terms of weight. However, wood is a renewable resource, and nothing beats the look and feel of handcrafted wooden objects. While the advantages of a wooden hull are difficult to put into words, everyone who steps foot on board will immediately recognise them. According to Soyaslan, "it has a more genuine and comforting tone."

She has two big double rooms, two twin cabins, and three crew sleepers, so she can sleep a total of eight people. The interior, designed by Tumer Design, is sleek and basic, with a colour scheme that combines dark, neutral tones with bright, bold patterns in blue and orange. The 3.5 m tender is housed on the huge, electrically operated bathing platform at the ship's rear.

The CAT63 is propelled by a pair of 110hp Yanmar engines coupled to massive ZF saildrives, allowing it to reach a cruising speed of 8.5 knots and a top speed of over 10 knots when under full power. Besides the eight 430W solar panels, the ship also has a massive 60kWh lithium battery pack.

Soyaslan sums up the team's feelings about the catamaran: "We're quite proud of this sleek, powerful catamaran." This boat is a superb sailing platform and will safely transport its owner across seas in style and luxury.

The large sailplan of the catamaran consists of a 100 square metre mainsail, a 58 square metre jib, and a massive 145 square metre Code Zero for reaching. Each hull has a swivelling centerboard to improve windward performance, while the bowsprit provides a variety of downwind sailing choices. The saloon below has a complete navigation station, and twin wheels are situated at the front of the flybridge.

More About Soyaslan

Turhan Soyaslan established Soyaslan in 1992. The yacht manufacturer has a track record of over a hundred successful builds. Tuzla, Turkey's Soyaslan shipyard can simultaneously construct three boats up to 40 metres in length. The yard is 650 square metres in size and has an overall area of 1,400 square metres. Soyaslan is capable of working with a wide variety of construction materials, including wood, steel, aluminium, and GRP.

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