The Legacy of the SPHINX Yacht - Tribute to Robbe & Berking's 150th Anniversary by Mercedes-Maybach

  • 9th Jul 2024
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The Legacy of the SPHINX Yacht - Tribute to Robbe & Berking's 150th Anniversary by Mercedes-Maybach

In honor of Robbe & Berking’s 150th anniversary, Mercedes-Maybach unveils a breathtaking S-Class model, drawing inspiration from the iconic SPHINX 12mR yacht. This special edition celebrates unparalleled sophistication and artisanal craftsmanship. 

A Fusion of Timeless Heritage and Modern Innovation

Mercedes-Maybach and Robbe & Berking
Mercedes-Maybach and Robbe & Berking

Mercedes-Maybach and Robbe & Berking, paragons of luxury and precision, unite to create an extraordinary masterpiece. The commemorative S-Class showcases a striking two-tone paint finish in nautical blue metallic and MANUFAKTUR patagonia red bright, accented with a fine pinstripe in MANUFAKTUR opalite white metallic.

Inside, the cabin is adorned with Maybach MANUFAKTUR Exclusive nappa leather in crystal white, featuring diamond quilting and orion grey stitching, reminiscent of the yacht’s refined elegance.

Unrivaled Luxury and Exceptional Features

Exceptional Features
Exceptional Features

The interior of the Mercedes-Maybach S 680 epitomizes ultimate luxury. It boasts electric comfort doors, illuminated MANUFAKTUR door sills, and a Burmester® high-end 4D surround sound system, delivering an unmatched sensory experience. Rear-seat passengers are treated to the MBUX entertainment system and a cooling compartment complete with silver-plated champagne goblets from Robbe & Berking, heightening the exclusivity of this vehicle.

The Storied Legacy of the SPHINX Yacht

SPHINX yacht
SPHINX yacht

The SPHINX yacht, crafted in 1939 and meticulously restored by Robbe & Berking Classics in 2008, serves as the muse for this exclusive edition. Celebrated for its night-blue beauty and rich history, including its role as a German Navy training vessel, the SPHINX embodies a legacy of maritime excellence. Oliver Berking, the visionary behind its restoration, highlighted the shared commitment to craftsmanship and timeless beauty that unites these iconic brands.

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