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The Top Private Jet Companies For Indulgent Luxury Private Flying

  • 1st Feb 2022
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The Top Private Jet Companies For Indulgent Luxury Private Flying

The travel business is changing at a breakneck pace, and with it comes a new wave of private flying options tailored to your personal needs. The world of private aviation has changed dramatically in the aftermath of the epidemic. With so many private flying alternatives available, you may already know what you're looking for or you may be just getting started. In any case, LuxuryAbode's business aviation area can aid you in locating the greatest luxury private flight options accessible globally.
From private charters for leisure or business to jet cards, joint ownership, leasing, and other unique membership and private flying options, these premier private jet companies have it all.

On LuxuryAbode, you can learn more about these private jet alternatives.


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Columbus, Ohio headquartered NetJets Inc. was founded by Richard Santulli in 1964 as Executive Jet Airways. This American corporation is the world's largest and oldest private jet operator. NetJets, which operates a fleet of over 700 aircraft, specialises in fractional ownership, having been the first operator to do so, and also offers jet card and leasing programmes.

The NetJets Jet Card offers customers with immediate access to an aircraft, whilst the NetJets Shares Program enables travellers to acquire a stake in a certain aircraft, with the size of their stake proportional to available hours. NetJets' vast fleet caters to all demands, from the modest Embraer Phenom 300 to the Bombardier Global 7500, which seats up to 14. Apart from the diversified fleet of aircraft and numerous membership options, it is the quality of service that has cemented NetJets as a firm favourite among frequent flyers, with the assurance of the same level of personalised attention regardless of the programme picked.


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Headquartered in America, Wheels Up was founded in 2013, by Kenny Dichter, Bill Allard, and Justin Firestone. Although a young private aviation company, Wheels Up has already grown to be one of the largest private jet firms on the market offering a unique membership/on-demand business model. Following a 2019 announcement, Wheels Up and Delta Private Jets have merged, giving its clients access to the combined company' privileges and perks.

Wheels Up offers three membership levels: Connect, Core, and Business. With membership options ranging from entry-level to fully-inclusive, Wheels Up has guaranteed that they have something for every sort of flier, whether for personal or business travel. 

Wheels Up clients and members have access to over 1,500 safety-vetted and approved aircraft, including the KingAir350i that ensure personalised flying services of the highest quality.


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VistaJet, based in Malta, was created in 2004 by Thomas Flohr. VistaJet offers two types of subscriptions: direct and program. The Direct option allows members to book flights directly through the VistaJet app, giving them priority access to empty leg flights, while the Program option is a customised subscription that includes flights at a fixed hourly rate, ensuring members have access to a business jet as and where required.
Customers who travel often may also benefit from the European operator's leasing scheme, which is accessible for personal and commercial use. The VistaJet Dynamic Jet Lease is available on a month-to-month basis and includes up to 50 hours of flight time with an optional top-up.
Members of VistaJet have access to the world's largest privately owned mid-to-large-cabin, ultra-long-range Bombardier Global and Challenger business aircraft, all of which have the VistaJet logo and interior décor. Additionally, VistaJet offers one-of-a-kind tours to isolated locations across the world, branding the company as more than a jet operator. VistaJet for Golf, the company's newest product, is another example of its customised services in the realm of private aviation.


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XO, which was launched in 2019 by Vista Global, has revolutionised the private aviation sector with unmatched ease. As a digital marketplace, XO enables consumers to rapidly book a ticket, reserve a seat on a current aircraft, or join up for an XO membership with the tap of a smartphone button.
By capitalising on a market need for on-demand business flights, XO has swiftly grown to become one of the largest private jet firms, with members having access to over 1,500 aircraft. XO is devoted to catering to every kind of traveller, whether they fly once a week or once a year, with pay-as-you-go alternatives available.
To make private aviation more accessible and inexpensive (not to mention sustainable), XO offers tourists the option of sharing a chartered trip with another traveller – even if they are not a member.


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GlobeAir, headquartered  in Hörsching, Austria, was founded in 2007 by Bernhard Fragner. Offering on-demand charter flights at competitive rates, it is one of the top choices for European private jet tourists today. The operator serves over 900 European locations with its fleet of full-ownership Cessna Citation Mustang aircraft, including London, Monaco, Geneva, and Paris, with an emphasis on quick, convenient, and dependable private travel at a fair price.

GlobeAir's booking concept, which includes a round-the-clock travel concierge service, enables travellers to charter a plane or access vacant legs with only a few days' notice through a simple but customised web system. Each booking now includes a one-click option to offset airfares as part of GlobeAir's Planet A project.

GlobeAir also provides an exclusive jet card programme in addition to its on-demand jet charter service. Individuals and corporations alike get 400 flying hours, a customised price structure, guaranteed 12-hour access, and limitless empty legs, in addition to a slew of other bonuses and benefits.


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Magellan Jets, like the majority of the largest private jet businesses, provides a variety of various services to ensure that clients have the greatest choice for their specific travel requirements. The Magellan Jet Card is completely customisable and may be personalised to your preferred method of travel and frequency of travel, delivering an experience as near to jet ownership as possible.

Alternatively, the Membership option entails passengers paying a one-time charge that locks in their hourly rate. Members may use the pay as you go feature and also opt-in to Magellan's carbon offset programme from this page. Finally, the on-demand charter option enables travellers to access planes on a trip-by-trip basis, using Magellan's network of thousands of jets.

Magellan employs aviation advisors that engage with clients every step of the process, assisting them in determining the most appropriate and cost-effective travel option.


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Jettly bills itself as the world's fastest-growing private aviation and lifestyle community. In comparison to the preceding firms, their website has an Uber-like vibe, complete with an app that enables consumers to check rates and arrange flights directly from their smartphone.




Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Jet Linx is an American private jet company offering one of the most customised business jet services available – and also one of the most convenient, with private terminals in 19 US locations. Founded in 1999 by Denny Walker, Jet Linx's primary focus is on jet card bundles and it also offers aircraft management and purchase services. 

Jet Linx's emphasis on local services enables them to personalise their jet card subscriptions to each consumer individually. 
Members may expect to be introduced on a first-name basis to the pilots, crew, and concierge staff, resulting in a level of personalised service unmatched in the private aviation business.

Its enormous fleet totals more than 100 aircraft, and the operator claims to have one of the biggest and most diversified fleets in the United States. From small jets to heavy jets, Jet Linx ensures that there is an aircraft fit for any scenario, with members always having the choice of selecting the precise sort of jet for their personalised travel requirements.



Flexjet, which operates a fleet of approximately 140 aircraft, provides a variety of services, including fractional ownership and jet cards. The American operator now operates four private terminals throughout the country – in Naples and Palm Beach, Florida; Van Nuys, California; and Westchester County Airport, New York – with intentions to expand both domestically and internationally.

Flexjet's Red Label membership offers the highest degree of customised service, with crews devoted to a single aircraft, a selection of the world's newest and most contemporary aircraft, and the unique LXi Cabin Collection of artisan aircraft interiors.

Among other benefits, Red Label members have unique access to Flexjet's LXi line. Each of the collection's roughly 40 aircraft has a distinctive cabin décor intended to bridge the gap between ownership and chartering for a more personalised and comfortable onboard experience.



Rod Glassford & Steven Jack formed Oxygen Aviation is a London, UK based independently owned, private aircraft charter agency, started in 2005. Being one of the UK’s top private jet suppliers, private jet hiring firms and charter specialists - Oxygen Aviation is a name to reckon with in the private aviation market.

Its objective is to serve their customers with the best priced, most appropriate and newest private jets, helicopters and group charter aircraft, coupled with personal account management, independent advise and industry leading standards of customer care 24/7, globally.

Oxygen Aviation consists of a skilled team to deliver great service on each and every private jet rental, helicopter hire & group charter charter trip.




Victor is a private jet charter marketplace situated in London, United Kingdom, and an award-winning pioneer in private aviation charter, flight management, and environmental responsibility. It gives customers with unique access to the world of private aviation via a totally transparent, subscription-free, customer-focused service. Its thorough approach guarantees that every journey is organised to the smallest detail.

Before booking, Victor is the only on-demand jet charter supplier that give completely transparent prices, giving the real operator and aircraft data. Safety and security are of the utmost importance, and as an Argus-accredited charter provider, they use AOC-accredited operators. Alto, the world's first frequent-flier rewards programme for private jet charter, is also available to its clients.

Victor is accessible through phone, website, and mobile app around the clock. 
Registering is free, and a Personal Account Manager is appointed to handle all your needs. Flight funds (minus booking fees) are kept in a separate HSBC client bank account until takeoff, while bookings are protected by Victor's Consumer Protection.

Victor is environmentally concerned. Every flight has a minimum carbon offset of 200 percent. Through the Unlimited Offset Program, clients who desire to offset 400 percent, 800 percent, or more may do so for less than one percent of the total charter cost. Additionally, they collaborate with the broader aviation sector to cut emissions and expand the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel.











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