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Flexjet Utilizes Bacalar's Design Elements to Construct Customised Gulfstream G650 & Sikorsky S-76 Aircraft

  • 25th Oct 2022
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Flexjet Utilizes Bacalar's Design Elements to Construct Customised Gulfstream G650 & Sikorsky S-76 Aircraft

A businessman in the aviation industry drew inspiration from his new Bentley Bacalar and collaborated with Mulliner Design to develop two customised, one-of-a-kind planes for his private aviation firm, Flexjet.

Kenn Ricci, the owner of Flexjet, has been a Bentley client for over a decade. His experience with the company, which includes the co-creation of many vehicles, prompted him to investigate how customised personalization might be applied to his own sector. Mr. Ricci has collaborated with Mulliner's in-house design team on "The Bacalar Project," producing two new aeroplanes inspired by his own Bentley Bacalar, one of the rarest two-door Bentleys of the contemporary age.



The Bacalar represents Mulliner's return to coachbuilding, with a series of 12 highly individualised automobiles being meticulously manufactured in Crewe by Mulliner's team of craftsmen. Flexjet's new Gulfstream G650 private jet is partnered with a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter, both of which have been customised to suit the Bacalar's one-of-a-kind specifications.

The uncommon and unusual colour choice of Julep, selected by Mr. Ricci for his Bacalar, prompted a one-of-a-kind adjustment to the Flexjet livery in chameleon paint – generally a red-gold chameleon, but for this pair of aircraft, a silver-green chameleon has been employed for the accents.



Inside, the copperhead form and basket weave stitching on the Linen and Beluga leather trimmed seats of the bespoke Bacalar influenced the Gulfstream G650 and Sikorsky S-76.

The 5,000-year-old recovered riverwood used to construct the Bacalar's veneer influenced the type of wood veneer used in both aeroplanes. The cabins are adorned with Bacalar Bronze fixtures and a unique diamond-carved carpet.



Flexjet provides customised luxury travel experiences, but they are not the only company to recognise the uniqueness that customisation can bring. Since 2020, the proportion of Bentley buyers requesting particular Mulliner features has increased at an almost exponential pace. The demand for Mulliner unique paint finishes has more than doubled, and the number of Mulliner personal projects, in which the Mulliner team brings a particular vision to reality, has quadrupled.

While Mr. Ricci's automobile receives its final touches, the first and original Bacalar – the research car known as Car Zero – was at Farnborough Airport yesterday to greet the Gulfstream G650 before its departure to New York. In August of this year, the S-76 had its public premiere at The Quail, part of Monterey Car Week.



Inspirational Design

The premium aircraft's customization was influenced by the specifications of Mr. Ricci's own Bacalar. The car's special tri-color 22-inch wheels in dark grey satin with polished faces and Arctica accents provide a monotonous contrast to the car's bright exterior finish of rare Julep. The centres of the headlights were painted to match the Satin Bronze external trim seen on the waistrails and around the edges of the Satin Carbon rear deck. Similarly to the wing mirrors, the bonnet vents have a satin carbon fibre finish, which provides a visual highlight. The "power humps" behind the front seats, together with the side skirts and rear diffuser, were further defined by satin carbon fibre, as were the side skirts and rear diffuser. Exhaust finishers with satin bronze exteriors and matte black interiors complete the appearance of the vehicle's rear end.



A white and black cabin with bronze Bacalar accents offers a remarkable modern interior design. A dual veneer of open pore Riverwood over gloss black envelops the passengers, sweeping from one side of the cabin to the other and coordinating beautifully with the external technological elements. Every interior panel and detail was tailored to the customer's preferences via the use of leather and Alcantara in white, black, and bronze, glossy and satin black metals, dark tint and bright chrome finishes, and satin carbon fibre.

The contour of the top roll, the centre line of the steering wheel, and the headrest surround are highlighted with Bacalar bronze leather. This is continued with further stitching accents on the back of the seats inside the circular perforated Beluga piping and hand cross stitching down the door, which follows the style line around to the centre console.



Ultimate Personalisation

There are an almost unlimited number of possibilities for clients to express their particular style and commission a one-of-a-kind interior, which emphasises the coachbuilt nature of the Bacalar's cabin. From the use of precious inlays and unique finishes to the driver controls to the 148,199 individual stitches required to embroider the one-of-a-kind Bacalar quilt on each seat, the specification of every Bentley is a voyage of discovery, with even the "standard" model configurable in literally billions of ways.

Even further, the design process for a Mulliner allows for an endless number of combinations of materials, colours, and finishes. The only limitations on the beautiful grand tourers that arise are the rules of the country and the customer's imagination.

Flexjet utilises Bacalar's design elements to construct customised Gulfstream G650 and Sikorsky S-76 aircraft.


Both custom Flexjet aircraft have a gold chameleon livery inspired by the Bacalar's Julep exterior paint.

Unique Bacalar basket weave stitching is replicated on the seats, which are accented with Beluga and Linen leather.

Interior veneer matching 5,000-year-old riverwood fashioned for the Bacalar cottage

Satin Bacalar Bronze fixtures and carpets with diamond carvings.

At Farnborough Airport, Bacalar Car Zero meets G650 before to a journey to New York City.



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