The New 76 Bahamas Super by Italy Based Riva Yachts is a Beautiful Fusion of Style and Cutting-Edge Technology

  • 13th Nov 2022
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The New 76 Bahamas Super by Italy Based Riva Yachts is a Beautiful Fusion of Style and Cutting-Edge Technology

New 76 Bahamas Super 

The boat with the spirit of both an open and a coupe has come back with a plethora of new digital innovation, functionality, and storage amenities for a pleasant and interesting sailing experience.

In 2016, Riva 76' Bahamas penned an unforgettable chapter in the annals of yachting, design, and luxury, enhancing the art of cruising with an exceptional vessel that is a synthesis of timeless beauty and cutting-edge technology. Six years later, this famous Riva model is back in the limelight with a bold and inventive redesign that offers new functionalities, contemporary areas, and unmatched storage options.

Riva 76' Bahamas is the spectacular product of a relationship between Officina Italiana Design, created by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, and the Strategic Product Committee, chaired by Piero Ferrari, as well as the Ferretti Group Engineering Department. Developed on the 76' Perseo Super naval platform, the coupe has a total length of nearly 23 metres and is already the object of desire of every owner, offering an exciting blend of open and coupe, onboard practicality and liveability, and comfort and power.

The enormous cockpit is the defining characteristic of the 76' Bahamas, and lounging on the spacious sunpad with a view of the beach, the chaise longue, or the comfy couch is a vital part of the aboard experience. The redesign enhances this space with cutting-edge technology and home automation features: the armrests of the sunpad have two built-in control panels for the lighting, sound system, and stern door.

The lounge area occupies the centre of the deck and is shielded by a double-curved laminated glass windshield with a polished stainless steel frame. On the starboard side of the dining space is an L-shaped couch and a teak table with stainless steel accents that seats eight guests comfortably. Behind this area are different storage chambers containing audio equipment, among other things. The large bar space on the starboard side has a refrigerator, an icemaker, and a sink, as well as an optional grill or television screen.

The instruments of the bridge and the helm station are another focal point of the new technology incorporated on the redesigned 76' Bahamas Super. The displays are touch-screen and the hydraulic steering system has been replaced with an electro-hydraulic Xenta system to improve usefulness when cruising. A third chair joins the pilot and co-pilot seats on the other side of the sliding gate that goes below deck. The chairs, developed by Officina Italiana Design specifically for all Riva models, are encased in a fibreglass cradle and supported by a stainless steel "bridge" for a lighter overall appearance.

Riva 76' Bahamas is distinguished by its now-iconic C-TOP, an aerodynamic carbon top with a patented mechanism that turns the boat from an open to a coupe and vice versa. It raises from the deckhouse to a position above the cockpit and locks onto the windshield and carbon roll bar, providing a roomy front dinette. It is supported by two polished carbon arms. Housings for the different antennae and satellite systems are integrated into the roll bar, which also has an aggressive centre "fin" and a stainless steel pole for the lights and antennas. The electrically controlled device that secures the C-TOP to the windshield and roll bar is automatically engaged when the top is positioned appropriately over the cockpit, concluding the typical opening/closing cycle. In this area, technology and design combine to provide unexpected cruising comfort: the C-TOP opens in under one minute. Additionally, the owner may elect to install the optional side coverings to totally shield the cockpit area from inclement weather.

The huge stern garage, whose automated door is operated by a switch in the right armrest of the sunpad, can accommodate a 3.25-meter Williams tender and the water toys. For easier access, the bow winch box now has two flaps instead of one. With a new design, the aerodynamic profile of the Shark Grey hull with Bright Black accents boasts an even larger glass surface.

The interior redesign continues with the installation of a pull-out wall shelf in the galley to improve the available work space. The galley door is no longer recessed but is instead hinged, allowing for the addition of a sliding drawer in the next guest stateroom due to the increased storage capacity.

In the night space, the full-beam master bedroom is outfitted with a forward-facing double bed and a cabinet unit on the starboard side, as well as a newly-designed ensuite bathroom. The master lobby includes a handy storage section that houses the laundry and dryer, while a large locker on the other side of the ship enhances storage space.

The design of the bathroom in the guest cabins includes a glass wall separating the shower from the rest of the space in order to enhance livability.The interior decorating brings emphasis to the yacht's distinctive personality: the rift-cut white veneer adorned with obsidian varnish is highlighted by black leather trim with white stitching, all of which add elegance and sophistication. Stainless steel completes the 76' Bahamas Super's style palette, which includes of material pairings and dark/light colour contrasts and is also reflected in the exterior's evident preponderance of wood, a hallmark of Riva design. In the galley and bathrooms, the counters and flooring are made of Corian, or upon request, marble.


In its basic configuration, the Riva 76' Bahamas Super is powered by a pair of MAN V12 V-drive engines rated at 1,550 horsepower apiece. The boat has a maximum speed of 32 knots and a cruising speed of 28 knots with this setup (preliminary data). The owner can also opt for two 1,800-hp MAN V12 engines, increasing the top speed to 37 knots and the cruising speed to 32 knots.

The bridge has a Xenta electro-hydraulic steer-by-wire system with separate rudder control for sporty turn optimisation and a SIMRAD COMMAND helm station with integrated onboard monitoring, navigation, and manoeuvring controls. Using three 16-inch touchscreens, the skipper can control the whole vessel from this location. The owner may also request a solution with three 19-inch touchscreens and a functional and convenient joystick for maneuvering.

Riva 76' Bahamas Super is equipped with automatic Humphree dynamic trim interceptors, ensuring maximum usability and fuel efficiency.

Optionally available is the AVENTICS manoeuvring joystick with docking mode functionality for easy yacht handling in confined waters, such as when mooring alongside, with lateral movement resulting from the combined action of the main propellers and the proportional bow thruster.

On request, a Seakeeper NG18 can be installed to increase the vessel's stability at anchor and during cruising, thereby maximising on-board comfort.

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