The Importance of Storytelling For a Luxury Brand

  • 4th Jul 2020
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The Importance of Storytelling For a Luxury Brand

Every advertisement you watch on the television has a short storyline to it, which helps you to connect and relate to that situation and therefore promote their respective product. Likewise for a luxury brand that has achieved success in the market over several years, a storyline about their growth helps them connect to their customers. By conveying what the brand stands for and its direction of growth, they become more than only a collection of merchandise or services; through their original tale they may touch the hearts of their customers giving them an emblem room to develop.

To help with the better understanding of the concept, here are a few famous brands that have used the storyline of their company creating an impact on their customers:

1. Burberry

In the luxury industry is all about the experience and emotions that helps the customer to connect with the brand. Burberry has been working on its media content creation for years and has its own YouTube channel which is a testimony to this. From conducting tutorials to narrating their stories, Burberry develops their brand name through the use of longer-layout video content material that allows the customers to apprehend the history of the brand, and notice it as not just an outlet, but a tale in itself, with a personality and holding of a value to enjoy of its own.

2. Gucci

Gucci is a classic example of a luxury brand that is known to offer a way of life and sell its lifestyle. Gucci reconstructed and reinvented itself in the last five years. The brand creates steady video content on their IGTV, frequently presenting celebrities in exceptional scenarios, embracing the Gucci lifestyle. The showcase of this lifestyle through many such story lined campaigns helped them gain popularity in the industry.

3. Louis Vuitton

“Inspired by the past, we make the future” is the mantra of Louis Vuitton, the century-vintage French luxury emblem. To highlight its legacy, the luxury brand house has set up a powerful brand image content strategy. Louis Vuitton uses its heritage to convey spirit that will reach consumers. They run their campaigns by creating videos on YouTube, workshops on Facebook, social media and trending hash tag campaigns on Instagram in order to enhance their relationship with their customers. Louis Vuitton now directed by CEO Michael Burke, has reinvented itself and approached the idea of travel in multiple ways mainly collaborating with the celebrities and creating various story based videos and short clips.

4. Ralph Lauren

A luxury brand with links in the sport industry, Ralph Lauren started with a campaign featuring Diana Silvers (an American actress and model). The campaign was created for the Tiktok users to encourage them and share stories using the hash tag #WinningRL and they also used Tiktok’s shopping widget that helped the brand to showcase their collection. Tiktok being an interactive platform for such content allowed its users to participate in Ralph Lauren’s created digital storytelling. This campaign with Tiktok gave the users a chance to experience the feel of the brand especially to the younger audiences.

5. Dior

A brand that has been consistent with good performance and reviews has also used storytelling strategy for marketing its products. They have featured well known and popular influencers and engaged them into their video storytelling approach for Instagram marketing. For a beauty campaign, Dior used Winnie Harlow, Jorja Smith and many other such influential people, to share their skin stories. Hence, because of these real, honest and relatable stories from familiar faces this campaign gained a lot of attention and buzz in the industry. The stories by these popular figures conveyed beautiful messages to the society based on why they love their skin, and why in particular, they loved their skin in the new Dior Forever foundation, all clubbed together in a video. This brand story is now favored by Dior with most launches, and worked wonders in their favor, as their video content receives almost double the view as per their statistics.


In today's world, it is highly recommended for any company or a brand to be able to communicate and interact with their customers by creating a connection with them. Storytelling is an old yet extremely effective marketing practice that is followed by almost all the high end brands in every industry. A customer can relate with the brand better if he is able to learn and understand about its origin, heritage, success rate and their growth over the years and then engaging them into various campaigns and activities initiated by these brands. These luxury brands that have been using storytelling as a marketing tool from a long time noticing an increase in their sales.

It should also be noted that a storyline of a brand or of an advertisement used to promote a brand should be minimalistic and simple for the customers to comprehend. A story by the brand must deliver the message it wants to convey to its audience without boring them or taking too much of their time. This is an effective storytelling technique because the brand is able to get straight to the point, which is what luxury brand consumers want.

Sharing real stories is known to be one of the best strategies for Luxury brand story telling that have been working extremely well for decades. Luxury jeweler and specialty retailer, Tiffany and Co., has been working on sharing real stories for holiday season #BelieveInLove campaign, they’re sharing original love stories of real people and how their products have played a real role in those love stories.

CHANEL is another great example of how to achieve a sincere connection between the personality of a brand and the consumer’s identity. When consumers buy a luxury product from CHANEL they feel they are involving themselves into luxurious a lifestyle of elegance. Storytelling is at the core of the CHANEL website which engages the viewers into the world of CHANEL.

Storytelling is of a prime importance to many luxury brands to drive sales and understand the purchase behaviors of their customers which are frequently linked with the aid of emotional triggers. Luxury branding is all about selling a wishful and a desired dream, a unique feeling, a completely special experience.

A brand storytelling has now become a necessity instead of just another marketing plan for each brand today. Apart from giving the customer’s reasons to buy a product or service, these brands need to start focusing on sharing their story behind the birth of brand, why it exists, and how it may blend into their lifestyles, consistently across all communication and social media platforms.

In conclusion to this, i hope that these brand storytelling examples have brought clarity on the concept of how a brand could perform better using the tale of discovery and origin of its luxurious products by pushing the boundaries of interaction and certainly keeping in touch with their consumers.

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