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The Annapolis Boat Show Made a Strong Comeback

  • 21st Apr 2021
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The Annapolis Boat Show Made a Strong Comeback

It is no secret that the pandemic skewed the course of most business activities.

However, 2020 was termed the most profitable year in recent history under astounding circumstances for the boat business. The Annapolis Boat Show is one of the most beloved events within the boat world, and its return to the Bay Bridge Marina Saturday was met with utmost delight.

Being part of a show after about a year and a half, David Shields, owner of Ocean Club Yachts reported that the sales made on this show were the fastest he’d ever made. Owing to the current situation, Shields and his wife expected slow sales, but one of his boats was under contract hours within it had even been docked at Bay Bridge Marina.

Similarly, Rod Rowan, a yacht broker, described this post-pandemic year as one of the busiest in his impressive 30-year career.

While most recreational and sport activities are unfortunately not pandemic-friendly, boating is one of those activities that is predisposed to social distancing. Coupled with low interest rates, there has been substantial rise in demand for boats, and the rising trend to rent boats for a couple of hours or weeks.

The significant rise in demand has also resulted in a shortage of yacht and boat supply. The

Marina Bay show showcased only 25 boats; a stark contrast to the usual number of 250.

Annapolis made the four-day event an amalgamation of the city’s powerboat and sailboat shows typically presented as separate events in the fall and spring. Adults and children all alike gathered round to gawk at more than 300 glorious boats from 150 exhibitors across the country and the neighbouring states.


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