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The Global 550 Luxury Yacht by Dynamiq is Revolutionising Ocean Exploration

  • 24th Sep 2023
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The Global 550 Luxury Yacht by Dynamiq is Revolutionising Ocean Exploration

Monaco-based Dynamiq, a manufacturer of luxury yachts, has released its newest model, the Global 550, to much acclaim. This ultra-modern, 55-meter superyacht is an adventurer at heart who appreciates understated opulence.

The Global 550 is reinventing what it means to cruise in elegance across the ocean with its efficient design and ecologically beneficial amenities.

Stunning Artwork from Monaco

The renowned Monaco-based design team Dobroserdov Design was responsible for the exterior of the Global 550. With its modern styling and clean lines, this boat is sure to attract attention in any harbour. The real magic, however, is hidden under the surface.

Redefining Effectiveness

The Global 550's remarkable efficiency is one of its most notable qualities. This superyacht's two 625 kW Volvo Penta heavy-duty engines allow it to go more than 5,000 nautical miles on a single tank of fuel, which is more than enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean. This kind of mobility is an explorer's dream come true since it allows them to go anywhere they want, whenever they want.

Independence and Ease

This superyacht has an enormous freshwater tank of 21,000 litres and plenty of storage capacity throughout the vessel to ensure independence even on long voyages. The Global 550 spares no cost to ensure passenger comfort. The Hull Vane and the boat's four standard stabiliser fins provide for a comfortable ride in any sea state.

Ecological Responsibilities

Dynamiq is committed to environmental sustainability. The Global 550 uses smaller IMO Tier III engines and a state-of-the-art battery technology to lessen its impact on the environment. Exhaust gas and water treatment sophisticated filtering methods further add to its eco-friendliness.

The Pinnacle of Nature Watching

The Global 550 provides unrivalled vantage points for nature lovers. The crow's nest, which is the highest point on the ship, has a panoramic lounge with 360-degree views. You can get a better look at the natural treasures of the globe thanks to underwater drones and a telescope.

Superlative Extravagance

The Global 550 not only excels in exploration, but it also ushers in a new era of opulence. Among its many luxurious amenities are a helipad that meets all commercial standards, a spa with a hammam and sauna, and an owner's office that can also serve as an observation lounge. Surprisingly, all of this opulence can be found on a yacht that weighs in at less than 500 gross tonnes.

Yacht interior design revolutionised by ZROBIM Architects.

The arrival of ZROBIM architects, renowned for their skill in contemporary home design, into the world of yacht interiors is one of the most notable features of the Global 550. Their "natural minimalism" aesthetic reflects the growing interest among affluent people in living greener, more sustainable lives.

Elements of Nature and Cosy Relaxation

The yacht's interior, designed by ZROBIM, exudes opulence thanks to the use of natural materials including American oak, wenge, and dark Shimo ash. The use of textured stone and intricate marble combinations are clear nods to glaciers and far-flung mountain ranges that served as inspiration for the design.

Added Creativity

Functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, the yacht's interior is zoned with the help of art items made of aged wood and textured wooden panels. The enormous glass windows and terraces provide a seamless transition between inside and outdoors, furthering the sense of being at one with the ocean.

More about Dynamiq

Established in 2014 with headquarters in Monaco, Dynamiq is a world-renowned superyacht builder known for its commitment to sustainable design and cutting-edge technology.

Yacht Portfolio: Among the many boats in Dynamiq's extensive portfolio are the GTT 115, GTT 135, GTT 165, GTT 170, G 400, G 450, and G 500 Hybrid. These magnificent boats, with lengths between 35.50 and 52.00 metres, can accommodate between 8 and 12 people in a perfect fusion of luxury and comfort.

Yachts by Dynamiq are known for their stylish exteriors and luxurious interiors. The hybrid and electric power systems, as well as the use of sustainable materials like recycled carbon fibre in their construction, make these vehicles as environmentally responsible as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Dynamiq's brilliance and pioneering spirit in the yachting industry have been recognised with a number of important honours. These include the World Superyacht honours and the Boat International Design & Innovation Awards. Both the Superyacht Builders Association and the Monaco Yacht Club recognise the firm for their outstanding work.

Dynamiq partners with Studio Tecnico, an internationally acclaimed Italian design studio, to build boats that are works of art in both form and function.

Antalya Shipyard, one of the best shipyards in Turkey, is in charge of building these boats, so you can rest certain that they will be constructed with the utmost care and precision.

Dynamiq is a leader in the sustainable yachting movement, using a wide variety of environmentally friendly materials and technology in their vessels. The yachts are built with an emphasis on environmental responsibility throughout the whole production cycle.

Dynamiq is proud to provide its customers with a wide range of customisation choices for their yachts, enabling them to build a vessel that is perfect for their specific requirements and tastes.

With its high-quality, cutting-edge boats and uncompromising dedication to sustainability, Dynamiq has quickly become a household brand in the superyacht sector. Dynamiq is doing more than simply constructing boats; it is creating a one-of-a-kind, high-end, environmentally aware yachting experience by fusing fashionable designs, cutting-edge features, and sustainable practises.


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