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The Affluent Burn Millions For Extravagant RVs And Land Yachts This Summer

  • 5th Jul 2020
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The Affluent Burn Millions For Extravagant RVs And Land Yachts This Summer

After the virus-imposed shutdown the HNIs are now willing to spend millions on luxury RVs this summer. This is becoming a new trend, and this is reshaping the entire concept of high-end luxury travel. These RVs are being called ‘land yachts.

With movement limitations still set up due to the pandemic, enthusiasm for RV travel is flooding.

World class voyagers are happy to pay as much as possible for this "land yachts". luxury RVs that cost a huge amount of dollars to lease and millions to purchase.

Monaco and the French Riviera are out, and travel to Yosemite and Shenandoah is in. Elite explorers, with coronavirus travel limitations set up and summer plans thwarted, are hoping to hit the open street.

What establishes luxury travel is being reclassified, Eliza Scott Harris, head working official of Indagare, a member-only boutique travel organization said, Presently, extravagance is "the privacy you're afforded".

What is more, luxury travellers are paying as much as possible for the privacy offered by RVs.

"Interest in the RV lifestyle ... is literally off the charts now," Garry Enyart, chairman of the RV Industry Association, said in an interview with Katie Warren of Business Insider.

Between early April and late May, RVshare, the biggest RV rental site in the US, revealed seeing a 1,000% expansion in appointments.

RVshare CEO Jon Gray disclosed in June that he hopes to see a flood of first-time purchasers hoping to substitute "luxurious vacations that they typically took."

Steve Schoellhorn, the president and proprietor of the luxury RV maker Marathon Coach, which manufactures coaches costing somewhere in the range of $1.8 and $2.5 million, disclosed  that he has seen an uptick in intrigued purchasers and predicts the organization's deals will be 30% higher this year contrasted with a year ago.


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