Bentley Unveils the Bentayga S Black Edition - A New Era of Luxury and Performance

  • 22nd Apr 2024
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Bentley Unveils the Bentayga S Black Edition - A New Era of Luxury and Performance

Marking a significant milestone, Bentley introduces the Bentayga S Black Edition, distinguished by the application of black-tinted wings for the first time in 105 years. This launch positions the S Black Edition as Bentley's most visually striking SUV to date, merging vivid color accents with rich black detailing across both its exterior and interior designs.

Design and Customization

The new collection, revealed at the Bentley Home Atelier during Milan Design Week 2024, includes a sophisticated range designed in collaboration with renowned designers Carlo Colombo, Federico Peri, and Francesco Forcellini. Emphasizing customization and sustainability, these designs reflect Bentley's commitment to innovation and luxury.

Key Features of the S Black Edition

Dynamic Design:

The S Black Edition features the dynamic Wilton desk and Bollington office armchair, showcasing clean lines and sophisticated craftsmanship.

Luxurious Interiors:

The collection includes the Loftus sofa and Chilton seating, offering comfort combined with sleek, powerful design aesthetics influenced by Bentley's automotive heritage.

Advanced Materials:

Highlighting sustainability, new materials such as carbon fiber are utilized in interior design elements, enhancing visual depth and aesthetic appeal.

Performance and Technology

The Bentayga S Black Edition is equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, delivering 542 horsepower and achieving 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. It incorporates advanced technology such as Bentley Dynamic Ride, providing exceptional handling and comfort.

Enhanced Driving Experience - The integration of Electronic All-Wheel

Steering with Bentley Dynamic Ride ensures agile performance in urban environments, enhancing maneuverability and stability at varying speeds.

Sustainable Innovation

The hybrid version of the S Black Edition combines traditional Bentley power with the efficiency of an electric motor, offering a top speed of 158 mph and rapid acceleration, while emphasizing environmental responsibility.

Striking Visual Presence

With its dark tint headlamps, Black Edition badging, and bespoke 22-inch wheels, the S Black Edition conveys a strong performance ethos, supported by a sports exhaust system that enriches the driving experience with enhanced auditory feedback.


The introduction of the Bentayga S Black Edition signifies Bentley's continued innovation in the luxury automotive sector, emphasizing both performance and sustainability. This model is likely to attract a modern clientele that values both environmental consciousness and high-performance luxury vehicles, potentially setting new trends in the luxury SUV market.

The focus on advanced materials and bespoke design options highlights Bentley's dedication to personalization and craftsmanship, promising to strengthen its position in the global luxury automotive industry.

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