Stay Connected with and Honeywell's Smart Mask Featuring Wi-Fi and In-Ear Headphones

  • 13th Apr 2021
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Stay Connected with and Honeywell's Smart Mask Featuring Wi-Fi and In-Ear Headphones

Popular rapper and musician has recently developed a smart version of a face mask in collaboration with American technology brand Honeywell. While face masks are an absolute essential in the current times, the smart ‘Xupermask’ helps users stay protected as well as connected to their masks.

With dual three-speed fans, a silicon seal, HEPA filters and strong in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, the Xupermask is all set to hit the market on April 8th 2021, enabling users to stay safe while not compromising on their style quotient.

The masks look super trendy with an inherently futuristic design, which is obvious considering the chief creative officer is Jose Hernandez- popular artist who has designed costumes for Daft Punk and many other super hero movies.

Image courtesy: Indiatimes

The ergonomic designs, responsible features and sleek aesthetic makes sure that you look incredibly stylish, well-connected and stay protected while out and about. It has a silicone face shield that takes to the shape of your face with dual three-speed fans that enhance comfortable breathing and HEPA filters to make sure that you are breathing clean air.

What makes the Xupermask stand out from the rest in the market is its technology. It features noise cancelling earphones with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a microphone to ensure that people can hear you clearly when you speak. Apart from its 7 hour battery life, the mask also comes with LED lights which you can turn on if you truly want to stand out.

High-performance and state-of-the-art designing is what makes the Xupermask one of its kind in the midst of this new pandemic world.

Image courtesy: RepublicTV

It is priced at $299 and will be available to purchase on the brands website. It comes in two trendy color combinations- black/black/orange and white/grey/orange. The mask comes with a three month supply of ear tips, HEPA filters, USB cable and a case.

Well, masks are the need of the hour in today’s post-pandemic world- many brands are getting on-board to create varied and creative designs to cater to people’s needs and make masks look more appealing.

In the recent past, LG and Razer are among the top brands that have come out with sleek smart masks that feature filter fans, a built-in mic and amplifier.

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that we will see a lot many smart mask designs from brands in the coming future, so steady on and mask up!

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