Rapper Jay-Z's Roc Nation And Modern Luxury Media Launch Luxury Focused Media Platform Called Edition

  • 23rd Jul 2021
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Rapper Jay-Z's Roc Nation And Modern Luxury Media Launch Luxury Focused Media Platform Called Edition

American rapper, songwriter, record executive and entrepreneur Jay-Z’s entertainment and management company Roc Nation has come together with media company Modern Luxury Media to introduce a unique multi-platform media property referred to as 'Edition'.

The new platform is poised to get into the market in the later part of 2021 and the objective of Edition is mainly to bring to the fore and accentuate voices that are impacting popular culture and also provide offer a genuine and foremost complete multi-platform portal into a world of luxury that honors talent from multiple communities.

Edition as a platform will comprise of two components: print and digital along with experiential activations. Most importantly Edition will be having its major attention on luxury with an aim to channelize a myriad range of content creators into the luxury market.

The former head of UPTOWN magazine, Isoul H. Harris has been selected to be Edition's editor-in-chief. Isoul will work with both the Modern Luxury team and Roc Nation’s executive vice president of strategy and communication, Jana Fleishman.

Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez confirmed that this was a proud moment for Modern Luxury to bring Edition to life in partnership with Roc Nation and to ensure diverse voices are championed and represented within the luxury space.

As per Isoul H. Harris with Edition, the entire concerned have a unique opportunity to define what luxury means now, and also challenge how the world perceives and understands culture. He confirmed that he is extremely excited to help shape a visionary platform that understands the aspirational significance of exploring creativity in the luxury space.

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