OBEETEE, India's Premier Rug Manufacturer, Introduces All-New Interactive Rugs for Children

  • 16th Mar 2022
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OBEETEE, India's Premier Rug Manufacturer, Introduces All-New Interactive Rugs for Children

The Hakuna Matata is indeed a unique collection of luxury rugs for those having small children. The Hakuna Matata introduced by Obeetee Carpets is a children's collection designed to assist you in transforming your child's room into the fun zone you've always desired. 

These lovingly produced patterns are both imaginative and engaging, providing a one-of-a-kind playroom experience.

This ingenious new Kids Collection is multifaceted and can transform even the smallest moments of enjoyment into educational opportunities – a parent's dream. 

The collection contains Fun Brains, an interactive rug set that teaches youngsters problem solving abilities, how to resolve conflicts, and how cause and effect operate. These activities may also educate children about sharing, aid in the development of their fine and gross motor skills, and foster their creativity and imagination. It has carpets with automobiles and tracks, maps, and much more, all of which pay tribute to classics within the Old Macdonald and Playfair rugs.

Storyboard is another sub-category of this collection. Children's growth and development are inextricably linked to stories. This is a collection that allows children to identify with their favourite characters and always experience their joyful presence via these carpets. There is something for everyone, whether your youngster identifies with the Big Splash whale, Tweety the bird, or Mr. Monkey Business.

OBEETEE has created the Little Champions collection for the smallest of the bunch. Planets, trains, trucks, and toys — this collection is comprised of fictitious paintings. Canvases that reflect the spirit of little children's ambitions and goals and are appropriately called - World Champ rug, Sweet Dreams rug, Building Blocks rug, and more. Similarly, there is the Little Sparkle collection. These delicate and lovely motifs were created for the bright adventurer of adventure and riches, as shown in the Buttercup and Funfetti carpets.

The Crayons series is ideal for the colourful ones. This is a well-made collection of children's carpets in a carefully chosen colour palette that fits well with children's psychology. This collection has modest textures and designs that are readily adaptable for children's rooms.

Finally, there is the First Badge collection. A child's name is not only a significant event, but also a celebration unlike any other. 

First Badge is a series created for just these occasions. These may be customised with the letters of a child's given name and surname, creating a stunning and one-of-a-kind monogram on the rug.

OBEETEE's creative new Kids Collection expands the boundaries of home décor and creates new opportunities for families and parents worldwide. This diverse new collection has something for everyone. Give your children the gift of exquisite craftsmanship, design, and practicality with this innovative piece with these amazingly interactive luxury rugs.

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