Njord by London-Based Bergman Design House Unveils AEOLUS at the Dubai International Boat Show 2023

  • 7th Apr 2023
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Njord by London-Based Bergman Design House Unveils AEOLUS at the Dubai International Boat Show 2023

Njord by Bergman Design House Unveils AEOLUS 

The debut of Aeolus this month at the Dubai International Boat Show heralds a new era in eco-friendly boating. The boat sets a new standard for the future of yachting with its astounding blend of technological innovation, flair, and environmental consciousness.

Marie Soliman, Albin Berglund, and Sarah Colbon, who created the superyacht interior architecture and design company Njord by Bergman Design House, recently showed off their newest masterpiece, the interior design of the Oceanco NXT Superyacht Aeolus. On board this magnificent ship, the crew demonstrates its superior design skills and produces an unforgettable experience.

Oceanco, technical partners ABB & MTU, Lateral Naval Architects, and external designer Giles Taylor, known for his work on the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Phantom supercars, all worked together with the Njord crew to create the next Oceanco superyacht.

Oceanco NXT is an innovative and forward-thinking project that brings together experts from several fields to provide vessel owners with the chance to enhance their quality of life while encouraging sustainable practises that protect our seas. This fresh strategy represents a common commitment to the future and recognises the relevance of responsible management in the maritime environment.

The mythological Greek god of the wind inspired the name "Aeolus," which advertises an unforgettable journey. The yacht's exterior architect, Giles Taylor, was influenced by the fluidity of wind-sculpted sails to create its elegant shape. The interiors have been thoughtfully crafted to be comfortable in a variety of configurations.

"From the outset of the design process, we intended for Aeolus to function as a destination inside the journey itself. Apart from being only a container, it's like having your own own island at sea, where you can relax and rejuvenate while also spending precious time with your loved ones."

Njord Co-founder Marie Soliman

The yacht's styling is a nod to the J-Class sailboats of the last century, which struck the perfect balance between wind power and ocean navigation. Using this history and today's cutting-edge technology, Aeolus has created a one-of-a-kind, environmentally responsible, and fascinating aquatic adventure. This superyacht exemplifies a deep dedication to sustainability without compromising elegance or beauty, from the totally sustainable biomaterials utilised aboard to the technological capabilities.

"We knew we wanted the interiors to mirror the yacht's extraordinarily feminine curves and masculine presence that we perceived in Giles Taylor's external design. We aimed to create a house moulded by nature by fusing non-geometric forms and spaces with enticing colour palettes, sumptuous textures, and one-of-a-kind furniture for our clientele who enjoy both on-land and on-water activities."

Co-founder of Njord - Albin Berglund

Aeolus Interiors

Interiors by Njord by Bergman Design House are lavish and welcoming, yet they also have a distinct male vibe. Desserto and Oliveri Residences are just two examples of the cutting-edge sustainable design and biomaterials companies that the design firm has teamed up with. Although Oliveri Homes exclusively utilises Global Organic Textile Standard cotton and non-toxic procedures and dyes, Desserto makes a luxury vegan leather alternative from climate-friendly cactus plants.

We leaned on our strong in-house research skills to find and create a wide range of environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional yacht materials while creating the idea for Aeolus. These luxurious and long-lasting items were selected and built using biomaterials that allow cruelty-free manufacture, are generally biodegradable, and store CO2 over their useful lives. By working with our peers and partners in the industry to further the goals for net zero and cultivate and preserve the amazing superyacht sector, we must now provide these alternatives to our customers and shipyards

Njord Co-founder Sarah Colbon

Aeoulus Highlights:

The superyacht's three glass-enclosed, staggered decks are designed in the shape of pods. The best views may be seen on the owner's patio, which also serves as a bar and lounge. The top level houses the master bedroom, complete with a luxurious sunken bathroom and a separate sitting space.

The top deck's aft section may be used for a variety of purposes, from sunbathing to entertaining guests to holding company functions. The main deck has a pool that blends in well with the design. There is a beach club and a lounge space at the stern. The main deck salon is the first place guests will see when boarding Aeolus.

From here, they may access the ship's interior atrium, which houses the ship's dining, conference, and cocktail reception areas. On the main deck ahead, next to the fitness centre and external atrium, are two guest quarters.

On the lower deck, you'll find two VIP suites and two guest suites not far from the beach club's large and flexible folding terraces. All floors are linked by a central elevator and staircase.

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