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Meet The Brilliant Bilgin 163 superyacht AKA Eternal Spark Created by Hot Lab

  • 22nd Jul 2023
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Meet The Brilliant Bilgin 163 superyacht AKA Eternal Spark Created by Hot Lab

Eternal Spark

The Eternal Spark, a Bilgin 163 superyacht measuring 50 metres, has been designed by Hot Lab, a Milan-based firm that is part of the Viken Group located in Sweden.

This extraordinary yacht is scheduled to make its premiere at the famous Monaco Yacht Show 2023, and it has the potential to revolutionise the look of the current maritime sector.

Hot Lab and Bilgin Yachts of Turkey came up with the brilliant idea for the Eternal Spark. This beauty was sold in 2022 thanks to the efforts of SuperYachts Croatia's Matija Longin and Bilgin Yachts' Commercial Director Berkay Yilmaz. The superyacht is almost finished and will be an example of exquisite design thanks to the work of Unique Yacht Design on the exterior and naval architecture and Hot Lab on the luxury interior.

The Eternal Spark stands out because to its innovative use of daylight. The designers at Hot Lab have added a wide stairway that reflects light from the upper deck down to the lower deck, producing a magnificent effect.

The yacht's skylight, as described by Hot Lab Partner and Head of Design Enrico Lumini, provides for magnificent light reflections from the sundeck pool, creating a more intimate relationship with the surrounding ocean environment.

The inside of the Eternal Spark is a haven of elegance and luxury. More than 60 natural finishes, including 14 distinct types of marble, were used in the creation of the yacht's six luxurious bedrooms.

Lumini highlights the bright and airy feel of the boat, like a house on the French Riviera. The interior design creates an exciting and refined atmosphere perfect for entertaining visitors.

Eternal Spark was thoughtfully created to play host to unforgettable events. The yacht's four levels, five bars, and seven gathering spaces make it ideal for occasions with up to a hundred guests. It also features room for a custom-made chase boat, as well as other water toys, gym equipment, and sports supplies. Indoor and outdoor theatres are only two of the many entertainment options available on board.

The Bilgin 163 Eternal Spark is a high-performance superyacht in addition to its gorgeous design and opulent furnishings. Its two 1,450 CAT engines give it an amazing range of almost 5,000 nautical miles, a peak speed of 16.5 knots, and a cruise speed of 12 knots. Travellers can expect nothing less than the best from this extraordinary union of strength and economy.

The Eternal Spark was designed in accordance with Hot Lab and the Viken Group's "Architecture for Voyagers" tenets. Clean architectural proportions and gentle curves are emphasised by Antonio Romano, Commercial Director of The Viken Group and co-founder of Hot Lab.

The aesthetic alludes to the idea of "plastic minimalism," which celebrates the finery of handiwork and the use of valuable materials. The studio's development and success may be directly attributed to this meticulous attention to detail.

The launch of the Eternal Spark at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 is a chance for Hot Lab to display its talents on a worldwide platform, as the studio continues to dazzle with its exceptional designs and has just moved under the aegis of the Viken Group. Hot Lab's tenacity in the area is undeniable, and the company is enthusiastic about continuing to engage with Turkish partners.

The Bilgin 163 Eternal Spark is without a doubt the epitome of modern superyacht design, a perfect synthesis of cutting-edge technology, lavish amenities, and painstaking attention to detail. The superyacht, about to grace the seas, promises to leave an indelible mark on the memories of those who are lucky enough to see her splendour when it sets sail.


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