Luxury Pop & VRTT, Both Champions of India's Eco-friendly Fashion Journey, Join Forces to Create a Cutting-edge Online Luxury Marketplace

  • 14th Mar 2023
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Luxury Pop & VRTT, Both Champions of India's Eco-friendly Fashion Journey, Join Forces to Create a Cutting-edge Online Luxury Marketplace

Luxury Pop & VRTT Join to Create a Cutting-edge Online Luxury Marketplace 

March 14, 2023:

Luxury Pop is a new brand that blends the names of two well-known Indian luxury e-commerce sites, Luxury Pop and VRTT Vintage. The new group would serve as an expert marketplace for used luxury goods in India, connecting the country to the growing eco-friendly fashion industry abroad. Luxury Pop's inventor Punit Anand will remain at the helm, while Gabriella Demetriades has been named creative director. Gabriella's goal in her new role as the brand's creative director is to help the company continue its legacy of social responsibility and innovation in the consumer goods industry.

In its eighth year in business, Luxury Pop, a forerunner and veteran of the sustainable fashion movement, has surpassed its predecessor, VRTT Vintage, as the top online marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned authentic luxury products. By joining forces, Luxury Pop will be able to reach a wider audience, increase its market share, and raise its profile, making it one of the most sought-after businesses in its industry. The new and upgraded platform will have a more significant impact in the pre-owned and sustainable domain, with offerings including bags, eyeglasses, footwear, clothes, belts, and accessories, all of which are in line with the platform's core values and long-term goals.

Luxury Pop's original creator Punit Anand commented on the merger, saying,

"I developed Luxury Pop, a platform that brings together luxury, accessibility, and sustainability, based on my own experiences and considerable research. The ultimate goal of our company is to run as sustainably as possible, and I believe that the future of luxury clothing will be circular and sustainable. Growing Luxury Pop will be impossible without Gabriella's keen eye as a curator and her extensive experience in the fashion business. If we are able to work together as a unit, we will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities."

Fashion designer and Luxury Pop's creative director Gabriella Demetriades saw a need in the Indian market for high-end western wear for ladies in 2014. She launched her label Deme that year. Managing Director of Creative at Luxury Pop Gabriella Demetriades said,

"Our common goal is to expose luxury to more people by making it accessible and sustainable. As a company, we are certain that Luxury Pop will be able to shake up the traditional high-end fashion industry."

The main goal of Luxury Pop is to inspire people to make ethical and environmentally sound fashion purchases. The company is advocating for the idea of upcycling luxury things and educating the public on the harmful effects of fast fashion.

With such a vast user base, consistent traffic, and active social media following, it's clear that Luxury Pop has earned a stellar reputation as a reputable and long-term online resale platform.

Estimates for the value of India's secondhand luxury goods market range from INR 4108 crores in 2021 to INR 7950 crores in 2027.

The secondary market offers a tempting alternative for the cost-conscious Indian consumer by making premium items inexpensive. The environmentally conscious millennial consumer is a key demographic for this industry, as they have shown a strong preference for products in this space.

Luxury Pop, the newly formed brand, is well positioned to take advantage of the remarkable development and opportunities in this sector. This company's 2023 and beyond success will be based on its hands-on experience, customer relationships, distinctive style, and keen business sense.

About Luxury Pop: Luxury Pop is a company started in 2015 by Punit Anand with the goal of extending the useful life of high-end products and minimising their environmental effect. The goal of Luxury Pop is to create a secondary market for eco-friendly clothing by connecting consumers and sellers of pre-owned luxury brands from across the globe.

About VRTT Vintage: This 2019 Mumbai-based company was formed by Gabriella Demetriades and Diva Dhawan, and it maintains a strong fashion ethos while while emphasising responsible consumerism. The developers met a demand in the Indian luxury goods market by creating a platform where authentic pre-owned luxury products could be bought and sold.

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