The Debut Of The Fate Lines Exhibition At Bikaner House Was A Spectacular Affair

  • 14th Jul 2023
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The Debut Of The Fate Lines Exhibition At Bikaner House Was A Spectacular Affair

Fate Lines, a groundbreaking exhibition in Delhi, presents the extraordinary life stories of women carpet master craftspeople from Mirzapur, India.

Bikaner House in Delhi is now hosting a fantastic exhibition of carpets woven by women in the city of Mirzapur, India. These carpets reveal some of the most memorable tales of women's emancipation to an international audience.

The venue is Bikaner House.

Using 65 pictures shot by journalist and photographer Kounteya Sinha in the heart of UP's unseen villages, the book Fate Lines - How the Thread Changed the Destiny of Mirzapur's Women will tell the narrative of an astonishing journey of women empowerment began by Obeetee.

Over 1800 women from the villages of Mirzapur have emerged in the last seven years as master craftswomen, weaving the most magnificent and complex carpets, despite facing social barriers and age-old patriarchal practises.

Attendees on the first day of the event came from all walks of life, including the arts, culture, design, entrepreneurship, the beauty industry, and business. Tarun Tahiliani, Amitabh Kant, Sunil Sethi, David Abraham, Rakesh Thakore, Shahnaz Hussain, Tara Gandhi, Justice CS Singh, and Arun Maira are just a few of the well-known invitees.

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