London and Reykjavik-Based Ranra Won The Fourth Zalando Sustainability Award at Copenhagen Fashion Week

  • 15th Aug 2022
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London and Reykjavik-Based Ranra Won The Fourth Zalando Sustainability Award at Copenhagen Fashion Week

During Copenhagen Fashion Week, the London and Reykjavik design firm Ranra received the Zalando Sustainability Award for the fourth consecutive year, besting the British fashion company Raeburn and the Paris-based Mworks.

The gender-neutral collection by Ranra was lauded by the international jury for its use of "exciting methods" with fabrics and colours, which the jury noted were "not as popular in more sustainable exhibitions." These "exciting methods" contributed to the creation of a vibrant and appealing runway display.

The panel also commended Ranra for building a label that develops with an eye toward longevity. This is due to the fact that many of the garments in the label's spring/summer 2023 collection can be worn in a variety of ways and are simple to personalise. In addition to this, the company obtains all of its fabrics from a single supplier in Italy, which results in a manufacturing process that is both simplified and locally produced.

During Copenhagen Fashion Week SS23, we are pleased to announce Ranra as the recipient of the Zalando Sustainability Award, making them the fourth company to receive this honour "In a statement, Alice Marshall, who is a member of the Zalando Sustainability Award jury and the purchasing director of women's clothing at Zalando, said the following: Both the judges and I were taken away by the gorgeous colour combinations and the inventive use of different types of cloth.

This collection is one of a kind since it is designed with customers of both sexes in mind. We are thrilled to be working with Ranra on a capsule collection that will explore the technical advancements and forward-thinking concepts that Zalando customers seek.

In addition to a financial incentive in the amount of 20,000 euros, Zalando has presented Ranra with the opportunity to collaborate on a capsule collection. This collection will further include sustainable design solutions for materials, manufacturing methods, technological enhancements, and transparency.

Because to the declaration made by Zalando, more than 49 million customers in 25 different European countries will have the opportunity to shop the Ranra spring/summer 2023 collection that made its premiere during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

According to a statement released by the company's co-founders, Arnar Mar Jonsson and Luke Stevens, the reward is really important to all of us. Our goal from the very beginning was to establish a business whose products would revolutionise the way things are produced in this industry. We planned to do this either by introducing new production techniques or by repurposing more established technologies that offer superior long-term solutions to the challenges that are currently being faced by the industry.

Acquiring this honour represents a significant achievement along this path. We are more committed than ever before to shift people's perceptions of sustainable fashion throughout the globe.

Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week, was quoted as saying, "As a member of the jury, it has been an exciting experience to evaluate the numerous new companies that are investigating and putting into practise practises that are more environmentally friendly, and as a result, are helping to make the fashion industry a more responsible one.

An innovative and incredibly interesting strategy for environmentally responsible work, as shown by the fact that Ranra was selected as the winner of this season's competition.

Zalando, in collaboration with Copenhagen Fashion Week, has developed the Zalando Sustainability Award with the intention of motivating fashion designers and manufacturers to come up with cleaner, more sustainable solutions to the environmental effect of the fashion industry. A few of the works that have triumphed in the past are House of Dagmar, Nikolaj Storm, and Tobias Birk Nielsen's Iso.Poetism.

More about Zalando

The German e-commerce company Zalando SE sells footwear, apparel, and accessories to the general public. To date, since its founding in 2008 by David Schneider and Robert Gentz, the firm has amassed about 49 million active consumers across 25 European regions.

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