It is Time to Heal, It is Time to Grow - It is time to Relove

  • 15th Feb 2022
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It is Time to Heal, It is Time to Grow - It is time to Relove

Summer Somewhere has a reputation for ethical methods, from conscious small batch manufacture to the use of environmentally friendly materials. It argues that circularity through resale can assist in resolving the fashion industry's overconsumption and underutilization. To take matters into its own hands, it has developed a resale business on its website called Relove Summer Somewhere.

This enables Summer Somewhere's clients to see a RESELL button in their order history, allowing them to quickly and easily offer their clothing for resale. Customers interested in purchasing pre-owned apparel may now do so on the website's Relove category page.

Circular fashion is defined as a self-regenerating system in which products are cycled indefinitely as long as their inherent value remains. That is the way fashion will evolve in the future. Each resold garment saves six times its weight in CO2. Each time you resale a garment, you reduce its carbon impact by 82%. Knowing this inspires individuals to donate their 9 billion articles of apparel.

Without immediate action, if the fashion sector continues on its current trajectory, it would use more than 26% of the carbon budget linked with the 2°C global warming limit by 2050.

“Sustainability is an inherent part of our core values at Summer Somewhere. We produce in small mindful batches; however, overconsumption & overproduction are at an all-time high. We are taking our commitment to the planet one step further by enabling our customers to resell their pre-loved Summer Somewhere garments via our platform itself”
Meghna Goyal

Relove Technology

The business is backed by Relove, a technological startup that facilitates the resale of Summer Somewhere items between consumers and sellers.
Relove is the first technological product of its sort in India. It enables companies to host a peer-to-peer resale marketplace on their websites. Relove enables them to develop an innovative business strategy that will keep their items in circulation and retain their resale value year after year, much as a vehicle does.

Relove is a system that enables clients of a fashion brand to resale their apparel on the company's website.

“Technology has the power to change the way we have structured business models in the past because a lot more is possible now, by building circular technologies that are user-friendly we hope to change the way the world works”
Prateek, Co-Founder Relove

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