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Is The Bentley Continental GT Mulliner W12 The Most Powerful Luxury Car Model Ever Produced?

  • 22nd Jun 2022
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Is The Bentley Continental GT Mulliner W12 The Most Powerful Luxury Car Model Ever Produced?

The new Continental GT Mulliner is the flagship vehicle from British automaker and marketer Bentley Motors Ltd. 

 Performance and chassis enhancements included in the GT Speed package transform the GT Mulliner W12 into the most powerful, swiftest, dynamic, and luxurious Continental GT ever produced.

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The new Bentley can reach a high speed of 208 mph (335 km/h) and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds) thanks to its W12 TFSI engine, which is handmade in Bentley's carbon neutral facility in Crewe. The sporty character of the Continental GT Mulliner W12 is improved by the electronic all-wheel steering in all settings.

Mulliner's exclusive 22-inch wheel design has self-leveling emblems that maintain the Bentley "B" in a vertical position.

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You may have a Continental GT Mulliner W12 in either a coupe or a convertible body style. The 2017 Continental GT Mulliner has a 'Double Diamond' matrix grille in the front, with fender vents to match. The Mulliner Blackline Specification offers both a shiny chrome finish and a sleek black finish on all of these elements. When you pull up to either door and open it, you will see lit outer door sills engraved with Mulliner letters and satin silver or black mirror caps with Mulliner Welcome Lamps below.

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The combination of the Bentley Dynamic Ride and the three-chamber active air suspension with adjustable damping is a solid one. Newly designed Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Variable Electronic Stability Control, All Wheel Steering, and an Electronic Limited Slip Differential are all available as add-ons that further improve handling and performance.

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The Continental GT Mulliner W12 has a special colour scheme inside. When it comes to the inside, Mulliner offers no less than eight possible three-color combinations, each of which uses Bentley's palette of skins and threads to create startling but exquisite contrast. There are 88 different piano wood veneers available to further customise the inside. Almost 400,000 threads make up the "Diamond in Diamond" quilting on the seats, door trims, and rear quarter panels. There are precisely 712 stitches in each diamond. Indented hide is used to cover the whole length of the roof, or smooth hide is used if a fixed glass roof is chosen to match the seat backs. The dashboard has a one-of-a-kind Breitling clock in its centre and a silhouette of the vehicle's external profile and the Mulliner emblem on the passenger side fascia.

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Goodwood will debut the new GT Mulliner W12 and three other members of the new S series during this year's Festival of Speed. Blower Car Zero, the first vehicle in Bentley's Blower Continuation Series, will compete in the hillclimb among these cutting-edge vehicular offerings. However, computer-controlled chassis systems make dynamic driving more secure, convenient, and exciting. The Continental GT Mulliner is the ultimate expression of Bentley's heritage as a premium brand and a pinnacle of automotive engineering.


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