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Futuristic Luxury Cars That Redefine Automobile Travel

  • 24th Jun 2020
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Futuristic Luxury Cars That Redefine Automobile Travel

The automobile industry has always acted as the forefront of future technology. In every century we have seen an unprecedented progress made in the way which transport takes place. In the last 20-30 years, the rate of progress in technology has accelerated by two, almost three fold. Things that earlier would have taken eons to be materialized are turned into reality within a few years. The progress made in the automobile sector would be unreal to someone living in the early or even the mid-20th century. Everything we are working towards today is no longer for someone living thirty years to experience. The future is now and we are living it.

With Toyota unveiling plans for self-driving delivery vehicles and most companies hopping onto using electric as a means, the concepts and plans that are being built are beyond one’s imagination. We have curated a list of some cars that are so futuristic; you wouldn’t believe its existence unless you were sitting in it.

1. Audi E-Tron

For years, Audi has represented luxury and like every year it continues to do so. Audi recognizes the way the world is changing, and with it is changing its mobility. E-tron represents the mobility of tomorrow by making it not sustainable but also exhilarating. With an acceleration speed that goes from 0 to 100 km/h within 4.5 seconds, its interiors provide the sleek look that exudes opulence. The virtual side mirrors with the concept of projecting information onto the road is just the extra dash of garnish it needs.

2. Mercedes-Benz: Vision URBANETIC

A revolutionary concept that redefines mobility of the future and based on self-driving, this concept goes beyond any existing ideas by taking on different switchable bodies depending on its intended use. It diminishes the line between mobility of people and goods by enabling an on-demand and sustainable movement. It offers space for up to 12 people, with the cargo mode serving as a classic goods transporter. This concept is created as a way to reduce traffic and improve urban infrastructure and quality of life.

3. 2020 Tesla Model X

With the state of our environment being a top priority, this may be the greenest seven seater car for you to ride in. While it may look a lot like its cousin the Model S sedan, it comes with an extremely high-tech cabin with two onboard electric motors. This electric SUV comes with a claimed battery life of 325 miles and the sensor sensitive Falcon Wing doors which can open in any space, offer you the luxury of entering and exiting your car in a style unlike any other. With self-driving features, this ride has the ability to automatically steer, accelerate and even park. What gets more luxurious than your car doing almost everything for you? This model comes with a 17-inch touchscreen display and is built for efficiency within the aura of luxury.

4. Bosch’s CES Bound Shuttle

Nothing says luxury like privacy. This concept is the result of the inevitable merge of autonomous technology into mainstream transport. This driverless electric shuttle offers complete as well as minimal privacy with the spacious and classy interiors. With huge side windows, this shuttle will also be equipped with infotainment screens which can be used individually or be shared by two or more passengers. It also comes with a technology that detects and pings the rider if they forget anything in the vehicle. This ride, since driverless, will be able to identify the right passenger via his or her smartphone, almost like a digital fingerprint. Public transportation has never been even near the space of luxury. But with such a concept in works, is automobile and transport luxury being redefined?

5. Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion

Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of providing luxury with high-end technology. This model is unlike any other concept that has come from them. A self-driven car, which is independent of the driver, allows the passenger to have a relaxed and comfortable journey. Designed from plastic reinforced with carbon-fiber, it is one of their lightest models; this car is designed to more than just a means of transport. At Mercedes-Benz they believe that technology has to be looked at with the lens of a future society which ultimately drives the purpose of this car-to act as a mobile living space. It raises the bar of comfort within luxury by providing maximum space with a make-shift yet sturdy lounge within.

With such concepts in existence, some already working and existing, how can we expect the future to be something that is yet to come? Human minds have already reached the future and they are using technology to bring the rest of us there.


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