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Electrify Your Journey With The Dazzling MINI Electric 360

  • 28th Sep 2023
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Electrify Your Journey With The Dazzling MINI Electric 360

Step into a world where iconic design meets electrifying performance with the MINI Electric 360, a symphony of style, innovation, and exhilarating driving experience.

This special edition, introduced in India in 2023, is not just a car; it’s a statement, a revolution on wheels, redefining the essence of electric mobility.

Iconic Evolution:

The MINI Electric 360 is a radiant reinterpretation of the legendary MINI Cooper, blending the timeless charm of the iconic design with the future of automotive technology. It’s a whisper of the past meeting the pulse of the present, creating a driving experience that’s as exhilarating as it is eco-friendly.

Electrifying Performance:

Feel the rush of 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque, propelling you from 0-60 mph in a mere 6.9 seconds. It’s not just a ride; it’s a surge of adrenaline, a dance of electrons, offering a range of up to 114 miles on a single charge, ensuring your journey is as seamless as it is thrilling.

A Symphony of Style:

The MINI Electric 360 is a canvas painted with unique design elements, featuring Electric Power Spoke alloy wheels and energetic yellow accents, whispering tales of elegance and exclusivity. The black roof and mirror caps are a nod to the classic MINI aesthetics, creating a visual symphony that as captivating as it is distinctive.

Eco-Luxury Interior:

Step inside to a realm where luxury meets sustainability, with sport seats adorned in black leather and energetic yellow stitching, and the MINI Yours Illuminated Carbon Black interior trim. It’s a cocoon of comfort and style, enveloped in an anthracite headliner and energetic yellow accents, creating an ambiance that’s as chic as it is eco-conscious.

Intuitive Connectivity:

Navigate your journey with the 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system, offering seamless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Whether it& your favorite tunes or essential navigation, the MINI Electric 360 ensures you’re always connected, always in control.

Advanced Features:

Experience the fusion of convenience and safety with features like the Parking Assistant, Driving Assist, and Adaptive LED Headlights. The MINI Electric 360 is not just a car; it a guardian, a companion, ensuring every journey is as safe as it is enjoyable.

Priced at Perfection:

Available at INR 53.50 lakhs (ex-showroom, India) [prices are indicative, please check with your dealer], the MINI Electric 360 is a jewel of automotive excellence, offering a blend of premium features, electrifying performance, and iconic design, making it a coveted treasure for those seeking a premium electric driving experience.

Embark on a journey of electrifying elegance with the MINI Electric 360, where every drive is a celebration of iconic design, innovative technology, and sustainable luxury. It’s more than a car; it’s a lifestyle, a revolution, a statement.

Electrify your journey; redefine your driving experience with the dazzling MINI Electric 360.


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