Discover The Best Luxury Watch Events in 2024 Around the World

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Discover The Best Luxury Watch Events in 2024 Around the World

If you love luxury watches, you will surely like to check the top luxury watch events in the world in 2024

Step into the fascinating world of horology with our definitive guide to the most prestigious watch events around the globe in 2024. These events, ranging from grand trade shows to exclusive exhibitions, highlight the latest innovations, trends, and collections in the watch industry. Discover the top luxury watch events of 2024 that every aficionado should mark on their calendar.

LVMH Watch Week

Date: January 29th – 31st

Location: Miami, USA

Kicking off the year, LVMH Watch Week showcases the high-end watchmaking prowess of brands like Bulgari, Hublot, Tag Heuer, and Zenith. This prestigious event is an exclusive glimpse into the future of luxury timepieces and is a must-attend for enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.


Louis Vuitton Watch Prize for Independent Creatives

Date: February 6th

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Louis Vuitton's Watch Prize for Independent Creatives celebrates the artistry of independent watchmakers. The winner receives a mentorship at La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton, highlighting the brand's commitment to nurturing new talent in the horological world.

London Watch Fair

Date: February 11th

Location: London, UK

The London Watch Fair is a premier event for buying and selling pre-owned, vintage, and modern watches. With dealers from the UK, America, and Europe, it's a fantastic opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to explore a diverse range of timepieces.



Date: February 16th – 19th

Location: Munich, Germany

Since 1973, Inhorgenta has been a comprehensive luxury trade show covering wristwatches, jewelry, and gems. This event features exhibitions, world-class talks, and live watchmaking demonstrations, attracting top brands from Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, and beyond.

Oracle Time 100th Issue Celebration

Date: March 1st

Location: London, UK

Oracle Time celebrates its 100th issue with a series of special events and announcements. As one of the UK's leading wristwatch and luxury lifestyle publications, this milestone event is set to be a highlight of the year.

District Time (DC Watch Show)

Date: March 2nd – 3rd

Location: Washington D.C., USA

Also known as the DC Watch Show, District Time brings together collectors and brands such as Delma, Formex, and Vario. This event is known for featuring up-and-coming brands, making it a hotspot for discovering new and innovative timepieces.

British Watchmakers’ Day

Date: March 9th

Location: London, UK

Hosted by the British Alliance of Watch and Clock Makers, this new event offers a unique opportunity to meet the craftsmen behind Britain's finest watch brands. Exclusive event-only timepieces will be available, making it a must-visit for collectors.

Watches and Wonders

Date: April 9th – 15th

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Watches and Wonders is the premier showcase for the world’s luxury watch brands, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin. This prestigious event features exclusive previews and is open to the public for the final three days.

Time to Watches

Date: April 10th – 14th

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Running concurrently with Watches and Wonders, Time to Watches features a diverse range of brands from Carl Suchy & Söhne to Lebois & Co. This event offers a more intimate experience for exploring innovative and stylish timepieces.

The Geneva Watch Auction XIX

Date: May 11th – 12th

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Hosted by Phillips, The Geneva Watch Auction XIX is a significant event in the auction calendar. This prestigious auction features some of the most sought-after timepieces, attracting collectors from around the world.

Oracle Time Watch Awards

Date: August 15th

Location: London, UK

The third annual Oracle Time Watch Awards celebrates the best watches of the year, as voted by the community. This event is a fantastic opportunity for watch enthusiasts to have their say and influence the industry.

Geneva Watch Days

Date: August – September TBC

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva Watch Days is an independent, multi-brand show featuring around 40 watch brands. This event is known for its relaxed atmosphere and the unveiling of exciting summer releases.

Windup Watch Fair NYC

Date: October TBC

Location: New York City, USA

Windup Watch Fair in NYC is a consumer-focused event where watch brands and collectors come together. It features hands-on experiences, brand presentations, and the latest collections, making it a must-attend for watch enthusiasts.

Watch & Match Geneva

Date: November 9th – 10th

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Watch & Match offers a pop-up experience where you can meet the creators behind the timepieces and purchase them on the spot. This event features brands such as Louis Erard, Artya, and Minase, providing a unique shopping experience.

Only Watch 2024

Date: November TBC

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Only Watch is a renowned charity auction showcasing unique timepieces created by top brands. After a year's postponement, this event is set to return stronger, offering collectors the chance to own one-of-a-kind pieces while supporting a noble cause.

Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG)

Date: November TBC

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Often referred to as the Oscars of the watch world, GPHG celebrates excellence in watchmaking across various categories. This prestigious awards ceremony highlights the year's most innovative and exceptional timepieces.

Dubai Watch Week

Date: November TBC

Location: Dubai, UAE

Dubai Watch Week is a biennial celebration of horology, featuring exhibitions, workshops, and panel discussions. This cultural event attracts industry influencers and collectors, offering a deep dive into the art of watchmaking.


The world of horology is alive with exciting events in 2024, offering unparalleled opportunities to discover the latest trends, innovations, and masterpieces in watchmaking. From prestigious trade shows to exclusive auctions, these events are essential for any watch enthusiast seeking to immerse themselves in the luxury watch industry.

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