Denim Brand Triarchy Becoming a Torchbearer For Sustainable Luxury

  • 26th Aug 2020
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Denim Brand Triarchy Becoming a Torchbearer For Sustainable Luxury

What do you get when you have three enterprising siblings coming together and forming a sustainable business? You get Triarchy, which literally translates into three combining into one.

Well the Global fashion industry is going gung ho over Triarchy, a Los Angeles based sustainable denim brand. Triarchy came into existence around the year 2012, with a very strong fundamental business principle of using sustainable materials and practices. They also launched their exclusive Atelier line which was created from repurposed denim.
Adam, Ania, and Mark Taubenfligel are the founders who ensure that this exciting new age denim brand runs smoothly and as per sustainable practices only. Triarchy Denim has their production based out of Mexico City from a smart facility that utilizes 85% recycled water. As many in the fashion industry already know, manufacturing of Denim sucks and over consumes a lot of resources and there is a lot of irregularity in the manufacturing practices too. The Founders at Triarchy made up their minds to change this practice and impact the overall unsustainable operation style of this industry.

To put this overuse into perspective, the denim industry uses ~2,900 gallons of water to manufacture just one pair of jeans, which is why we’re so excited to discover brands like Triarchy that are doing their part to use less and reuse wherever they can. “We source new materials made of recycled fibers and tencel, organic and recycled cottons, and any other sustainable practices the mills we work with employ,” Taubenfligel continues. “We wash sustainably with Ozone and flow technologies, using lasers for dry process, and recycled metals for our hardware, buttons and rivets.” And when it comes to their reworked vintage denim? “This is something we do ourselves, as it’s a very specific process that requires a very specific type of material. We sort through thousands of pairs to get the quality and heritage we need for the Atelier line.” Triarchy was the winner of CAFA’s 2018 Fashion Impact Award and also received H&M’s Sustainability Award that same year. The brand offers everything from fringed jackets to jeans, skirts, and shorts (all part of their Atelier denim line) in addition to their everyday denim silhouettes for both men and women.
When you look at the sheer enthusiasm, energy and the work ethics that this sustainable denim brand exudes, you surely feel proud of this brand and this awesome trio.

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