Celebrate World Gin Week at AER with Signature AER Gin

  • 8th Jun 2024
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Celebrate World Gin Week at AER with Signature AER Gin

Elevate Your World Gin Day Experience

World Gin Day is getting a luxurious upgrade at the iconic AER in Mumbai. From June 8th to June 15th, the stunning rooftop bar at Four Seasons Mumbai transforms the traditional one-day celebration into an extravagant 'World Gin Week.' This eight-day festivity spotlights the unique flavors and exquisite craftsmanship of AER signature Gin, crafted exclusively by Stranger & Sons. It a must-attend event for gin enthusiasts and cocktail connoisseurs.

Kicking Off with a Grand Event

The festivities will commence with a grand event on World Gin Day, June 8th, setting the stage for a week of gin-infused delights. AER’s distinguished Beverage Manager, Vineeth Krishnan, will lead the way, showcasing the best ways to enjoy AER Gin through 'Perfect Serves'—a series of cocktails designed to enhance the botanicals and flavor profile of this unique spirit. Guests can indulge in vibrant options like the Grapefruit Copa, refreshing Spritz, rich Negroni, and exotic Gimlet, all testaments to refined mixology.

Daily Gin Tasting Experiences


Throughout the week, guests will enjoy daily gin tasting experiences, sampling AER Gin and learning about its botanicals and production process. Expert bartenders will lead guided tastings, sharing insights and stories behind each sip. AER keeps the excitement alive with new surprises every day of World Gin Week.

Live Entertainment and Stunning Views

Entertainment and Stunning Views
Entertainment and Stunning Views

Enjoy the vibrant sounds of live music performances and DJ sets while savoring exquisite cocktails. The lively ambiance, combined with the rooftop bar's stunning views and chic setting, provides the perfect backdrop for this week-long celebration.

The Place to Be for Gin Enthusiasts


This World Gin Day, AER at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai is the ultimate destination. Raise a glass to a celebration as spirited as the AER Gin itself!

  • For reservations, call: +91 8976803858.

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