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India Emerges as a New Hub for Global Luxury Brands But Challenges Remain

Bénédicte Epinay, CEO of Comité Colbert, said India is becoming a premium brand destination. The official luxury organisation of France, Comité Colbert, which represents 93 luxury goods, views India as a viable market despite hefty custom fees and bureauc

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 1st Dec 2023
With Balenciaga, Reliance Delivers Another Iconic Foreign Brand to India

Indian consumers may now enjoy the finest in international haute couture thanks to an arrangement between Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) and luxury label Balenciaga. As the only partner in India for the introduction of Balenciaga's brand, Reliance Brands

By Namrata Parab

  • 9th Aug 2022
Namastey Valentino! High-end Italian Luxury Fashion Brand Will Soon be Distributed in India by Reliance Brands

A long-term distribution deal has been agreed between Valentino and Reliance Brands Limited (RBL), which will allow the Italian fashion giant to make its debut in India.

By Namrata Parab

  • 24th Jul 2022
Sink Your Teeth Into A Succulent List of the Top Indian Luxury Chocolate Brands

Chocolate enthusiasts in India have waited a long time for Indian luxury chocolate manufacturers to produce outstanding chocolates. The good news is that several Indian firms produce some of the most genuine, mouth-wateringly delicious premium chocolates

By Suhas

  • 2nd Jun 2022
As India Fashion Forum 2022 Comes to a Spectacular End, Luxury Apparel Brands Showcase Their Collections

The 21st edition of India Fashion Forum came to a glamorous climax with the India Brand Show 2022, a magnificent presentation of the newest and forthcoming product ranges from top fashion & lifestyle companies presented in a sophisticated, customer-centri

By Namrata Parab

  • 25th Mar 2022
Covid Support Scholarship Anyone?

Helen Cooper School of Luxury aims at delivering practical knowledge to aid in the creation of homegrown sustainable Indian luxury or premium brands and boost entrepreneurship in the Indian Luxury domain.

By Neena Maini Malhotra

  • 13th Jan 2022
Aditya Birla Fashion Acquires 51% Stake in Sabyasachi

The Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail organisation has added yet another feather to its well-adorned cap by partnering with renowned brand Sabyasachi. The 398-crore deal has added to ABFRL one of India’s most influential luxury brands.

By Anishka Kataria

  • 1st Feb 2021
The Amazing Story of Satya Paul

Satya Paul label Indian Prints was founded on April 1, 1985, which is now spread across India. Its Headquarters are based in Gurgaon, Haryana and the key people associated with the brands are Satya Paul, Sanjay Kapoor his partner in Genesis luxury,

By Suhas

  • 25th Jan 2021
Can Indian Luxury Fashion Brands Capture The Global Imagination?

Despite the ongoing economic crisis, the indian outlook for luxury brands continues to be strong in the long term. While this very niche market remains mainly dominated by international brands, the country still struggles to produce global-level luxury br

By Janvi Gandhi

  • 22nd Dec 2020
Luxury Fashion Brands For Kids Come of Age

Luxury fashion wear and designer branded clothes for kids has taken a major leap in India with the launch of Little Tags. Find out more.

By Anishka Kataria

  • 1st Oct 2020
Designers and brands creating offbeat luxury jewellery in India

Find some of the most unique luxury jewellery designers in India in this interesting list.

By Jainam Shah

  • 15th Jun 2020
Top Indian Luxury Brands You Did Not Know Were Indian

Many Indian brands have adopted names that sound foreign to gain attention in the market, which is why most of here will be surprised to know about these brands belonging to the Indian origin. These include some of the best Indian Luxury Fashion brands to

By Sumiran Jain

  • 13th Jun 2020
What is India's largest luxury retailer Reliance Brands' success formula?

Reliance brand is undoubtedly the largest luxury retailer in India. Find out some of the major reasons.

By Akshay Shetty

  • 8th Jun 2020
Best Online Shopping Sites for Luxury Brands in India

Find some of the best online shopping sites for luxury brands in India in this well curated list.

By Hinal Jain

  • 1st Jun 2020
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