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The Amazing Story of Satya Paul

  • 25th Jan 2021
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The Amazing Story of Satya Paul

“Every Great Design begins with an Even Better Story”

 Satya Paul The legendary Indian Fashion Designer was best Known for his exotic apparoach to Indian designs, prints and the Indian Saree.

Satya Paul label Indian Prints was founded on April 1, 1985, which is now spread across India. Gurgaon, Haryana happens to be where its head office is located and the key people associated with the brands are Satya Paul, Sanjay Kapoor - his partner in Genesis luxury, and his son Puneet Nanda whos has been the creative director of Satya Paul since the year 2010.

Image Courtesy: TopNews (Puneet Nanda creative director of Satya Paul since 2010)

A Saree Tale

The Satya Paul brand mainly comprises women’s designer wear like sarees, kurtas, clutches, handbags, and scarves, and men’s accessories like wallets, cufflinks, belts, pocket squares, etc.The success behind Satya Paul's journey was his dedication and sincerity towards work. He began his work journey in 1965 where he started a textile retail franchise store in Delhi, in 1967 launched first retail store in handloom emporium in Delhi, in 1975 started export of fine Indian handwoven textiles, in 1980 launched first Indian sari boutique L’affaire Delhi, in 1986 launched the first designer label in India with four lines per season, in 1987 started first annual solo designer shows across five cities in India, in 1990 The first designer Satya Paul store opened in Bangalore, in 1993 launched Satya Paul ties, in 2001 Relaunched the brand with his son Puneet Nanda (Creative Director) and the first show at India Fashion week in 2015 Paul salon the parent company that did exports was completely closed and the Satya Paul moved to Isha Yoga Center and in 2020 Rajesh Pratap Singh was nominated as the creative director of the brand. Satya Paul Designs were also favorite among Bollywood stars The way he made use of contemporary colors, patterns, and materials in his work designs. This Great Designer was born in a city named Leigha which is currently located in Pakistan and came to India during the violent period of the partition of the country. it has established itself as one of the biggest brands of clothing in india. The celebrities who wear Satya paul designs outfits are Aishwarya rai, Mandira Bedi, shruti hasan, Dia Mirza, and so on …



The Well Known Fashion Designer masaba Gupta daughter of Neena gupta has been associated with the brand professionally as their stores are predominately located in India. Satya Paul Designs are greatly attracted by the people outside India as well. His Print Forward Designs were also inspired by wildlife, art, and music . he launched at least 30 exclusive stores in India, one of his tie designs were studded with 261 diamonds which became popular when famous celebrity Salman khan wore it at a charity event.

Image Courtesy: IBTimes India

In Today’s Date, the Satya Paul brand is owned by Reliance Brand, India's largest player in the luxury market which is operating close to 50 brand partnerships. Satya Paul also joined hands for good cause. Women cancer initiative with Tata memorial center hospital of Mumbai for the Think Pink awareness campaign for breast cancer, in 2006 The Brand was associated with WWF to launch The Endangered species Collection. Satya Paul Designs were soothing and simply making people better about his designs. The Fashion Industry was left saddened when the great fashion designer died at the age of 78 on January 6, 2021, in Coimbatore. Many Great Celebrities expressed their heartfelt condolences for the great creator. Satya Paul has suffered a stroke on December 2, 2020, he was recovering in the hospital and was taken back to the isha yoga center. his son Puneet Nanda considered his father as a seeker .in the early 70s Satya Paul use to listen to talks with J. Krishnamurthy, later he took sanyas from osho. Satya Paul started taking interest in Yoga and started the journey of yoga and moved here in 2015.

Image Courtesy: Mint Lounge

This Great Designer reinvention of saris attracted many people. His brand played a huge role in supporting the weaving crafts referring to the saris that were categorized under four collections every season. Satya Paul explained how his museum collection came from master weaves and it took many years to convince them to focus on special designs. Some of his collections include Renaissance – a Print Collection with global influences, while signature designs have been associated with florals and optical illusions which were described as the piece of “ kinetic art”. Cocktail saris are synonymous with the brand, with the Avant Grade Collection it was stitched like a dress, as a trouser or a Grecian drape it was made out of various material with metallic fiber weaving or printed graffiti or cartoons and his one of the recent collection under singh, valley of flowers references the bold color and the designs language of the label’s founder. The Story of Satya paul is inspiring and seeking motivation to accomplish goals successfully in respective fields. the way his designs were loved and wore by people in India and abroad is commendable and the dedication in delivering different styles is amazing. the Designs and work of Satya paul have been bookmarked and will be remembered forever.Satya paul designs played a crucial role in the Indian fashion industry. his designs were greatly recognized and appreciated by people residing in India and abroad. The way he reinvented sarees designs were unique in their own way. Satya Paul First Saree Boutique L’affaire gained huge success. The Sarees were adorned with polka Dots, Zebra Prints, and abstract motifs. Satya Paul Designs worked great for his accessories as well such as scarves and Ties. This Designer was born on February 2, 1942, in Leigha Pakistan. Satya Paul Hired Great Fashion Designer Masaba Gupta and Rajesh Pratap Singh to serve as The Creative Director of the Brand.



His Designs were also Favourite among The Bollywood Stars, known for his great business power and renowned biopharma entrepreneur Kiran Mazumdar named him as The Iconic Designer who was a Forerunner in the fashion world. Indian Fashion Industry has progressed a lot, The way in delivering designs, patterns, styles, prints making it comfortable and adorable for the people to wear it with ease. Fashion keeps on changing so is the fashion industry and coming up every time with the new and upcoming trend is a challenge but these great fashion designers work very hard and produce amazing forms of fashion clothing that are appealing in its style.


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