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Unveiling Rare Collections - Modern Indian Art Auction by AstaGuru

Discover Modern Indian Art at AstaGuru's much-anticipated 'Collectors' Choice' Auction on March 20-21, 2024. Collectors can find a treasure trove of over 140 magnificent items at this event.

By Suhas Kataria

  • 16th Mar 2024
The Imminent Collectors Choice Exhibition at AstaGuru Will Feature More than 200 works of Modern Indian Art

AstaGuru's upcoming 'Collector's Choice' Modern Indian Art auction offers buyers the chance to buy rare and magnificent works from different eras of Modern Indian Art.

By Namrata Parab

  • 9th Jun 2023
The Next Collectors Choice Auction by AstaGuru Will Include Rare Works by Leading Indian Modernists

The most recent edition of the 'Collectors Choice' Modern Indian Art auction by AstaGuru will provide buyers with a unique chance to purchase masterpieces and rare compositions from various eras of Modern Indian Art.

By Pradeep Dhuri

  • 22nd Mar 2023
Exceptional Works by Notable Indian Modernists to Be Auctioned in the Upcoming 'Collectors Choice' Auction of Modern Indian Art by AstaGuru

On June 23-24, 2022, the next edition of AstaGuru's Modern Indian Art 'Collectors Choice' online auction will provide buyers with an exceptional chance to purchase masterpieces and rare works.

By Suhas

  • 14th Jun 2022
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